How the Working Class Are Remaking the Republican Party | J.D. Vance | POLITICS | Rubin Report

How the Working Class Are Remaking the Republican Party | J.D. Vance | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to J.D. Vance, author of “Hillbilly Elegy” about the real reason that the Democratic Party abandoned the working class, radical ideas to break up big tech, and how easy it would be to censor conservative content on the internet due to every part of the internet being controlled by tech monopolies. J.D. first discusses his early childhood that became the book and film ”Hillbilly Elegy”. He discusses what it was like to grow up surrounded by economic decline and drug addiction. He shares how he was able to leave the rust belt and succeed in Silicon Valley. He explains how the white working class used to be Democrats and how the Democratic Party abandoned the manufacturing economy. He discusses why Democrats have become the party of upper class urban elites and have decided to insult white working class Americans rather than try to address their issues. J.D. gives his thoughts on how a rich New Yorker like Donald Trump was able to connect to working class voters and tap into the already existing class conflict as well as what the future of the Republican Party could look like. J.D. talks about how the new populist Republicans and traditional conservatives of the past are handling big tech regulation differently. He explains how antitrust laws could break up the tech giants as well as a more radical proposal of making it illegal for Silicon Valley to be able to steal your data. J.D. talks about how he got into venture capital investing and why he sees so much promise in Rumble for being a place for free speech social media. He discusses why the shutdown of Parler was a massive wake up call to how much control the big tech companies had on every aspect of the internet. J.D. clearly explains how easy it would be for social media censorship to get much worse for conservatives. He also shares a heartbreaking story about why critical race theory in K-12 education is so dangerous.

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