People Who Became Super Rich By Accident

People Who Became Super Rich By Accident

Some of the world’s most popular products were created completely by accident. You probably use these accidental inventions every day, but did you know that their inventors became incredibly wealthy? Foods like Corn Flakes and Nutella were only created when they were left out in the sun too long. Toys like the Slinky and Play-Doh were originally used for engineering and cleaning, but their inventors saw their potential as children’s toys. The Popsicle was created when its inventor left a concoction of soda powder and water on his porch overnight. The drink froze and the popsicle was born. Botox was originally used to treat eye muscle disorders, but today it’s a necessity for Beverly Hills socialites and celebrities. If you want to protect your furniture and carpet from stains, you probably have some Scotchgard in your closet. The ingenious stain and water repellent was invented entirely by accident back in 1952 by chemist Patsy Sherman. Harry Coover got super lucky when he created super glue by accident. The Eastman Kodak scientist was trying to create clear plastic sights, but instead discovered cyanoacrylate. The compound was turned into super glue decades later. The Post-it Note is ubiquitous in offices around the world, and it made Arthur Fry incredibly rich. In 1958, 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver was researching ultra-strong adhesives but he created a weak adhesive instead. Fry saw this research and suggested the adhesive be used to make stickable bookmarks. Here’s a look at people who became millionaires thanks to accidental inventions. Keep watching to learn more about these amazing products and the inventors who accidentally created them.

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Written by: Rob Cramer
Narrated by: @VoiceofPeter
Edited by: AJ Varela

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00:00 Intro
00:35 The Kellog Brothers
01:19 Roy J. Plunkett
01:58 Pietro Ferrero
02:46 Dr. Jean Carruthers
03:29 Richard James
04:20 Patsy Sherman
05:04 Shashikant Phadnis and Leslie Hough
05:56 Frank Epperson
06:39 Harry Coover
07:30 Arthur Fry
08:02 Joseph McVicker

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