The One Thing that the Healthiest Diets All Share (Pt. 2)| Ben Greenfield | LIFESTYLE | Rubin Report

The One Thing that the Healthiest Diets All Share (Pt. 2)| Ben Greenfield | LIFESTYLE | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to human performance consultant Ben Greenfield about the little known risk of digital connected home workout machines like Peloton, how intermittent fasting may be the secret of traditional diets in the blue zones, and the possible benefits of drinking alcohol and other toxins. In this clip Ben explains why there is no one single diet that works best for everyone. Because of your biochemical individuality a low carb diet or a high carb low fat diet may be best. Ben also discusses why the mediterranean diet seems to work for so many different types of people. Ben also shares what the single factor is that unites all of the healthiest blue zone diets and why it’s so important to eat when you are in a parasympathetic state. Ben shares some of the research related to supercentenarians and it probably isn’t what you think. Far from avoiding sugar entirely they frequently consume it almost daily. He also stresses how one of the most important dietary choices a person can make is to avoid vegetable oil.

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