The Matrix Resurrections trailer teases the sequel we always wanted

The Matrix Resurrections trailer teases the sequel we always wanted

The first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has arrived – and all signs point towards it being the sequel we’ve longed for since the original.

Released on Warner Bros’ social media channels on Thursday, September 9, the sci-fi movie’s first trailer teases its mysterious plot, which suggests that Neo is suppressing events from the first trilogy using the series’ iconic bull pills.

It isn’t long, though, before he’s pulled back into the world of The Matrix, judging by the trailer. The first official footage shows off plenty of high-octane action sequences and introduces new characters (and reunites us with old friends) among other surprises.

Everything is packed into a two-minute trailer, so if you blink, you’ll miss something that may be significant. Thankfully, you can watch the first teaser as many times as you like below:

The trailer appears to contain plenty, but not all, of the footage that was teased earlier this week on 

The website, which surprisingly went live on September 7 after years with an update, allowed fans to pick the red or blue pill to unlock snippets of The Matrix Resurrections footage. Fans have poured over every detail since and, now that the trailer’s out, we’ll have even more stuff to speculate on.

Speaking of, we’ll be posting a trailer breakdown as we theorize about what the plot will entail, who each new cast member could be portraying, potential new locations and more. So make sure you return to TechRadar to get our thoughts on what will go down later this year.

The Matrix Resurrections will launch simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max on December 22.

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