Seth Meyers Rips Trump Military Board Appointees for Trying to Stick Around

Seth Meyers Rips Trump Military Board Appointees for Trying to Stick Around

Seth Meyers on Thursday criticized appointees of former President Donald Trump for complaining about being asked by the Biden administration to resign from their military academy advisory boards or else be dismissed.

“Why were there still any Trump holdovers anyway?” the late-night host wondered. “That’s like moving into a rent-controlled apartment that the last guy died in and keeping all the expired white fish in the refrigerator.”

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer and former Office of Management and Budget director Russ Vought were appointed to the board of the Naval Academy, while former counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway has been on the Air Force Academy board. Former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, meanwhile, was appointed to the board of West Point.

Conway, Meyers said, had no business being in the role for which she was selected.

“If she ever flew an F-16, or which she probably calls an F-17, I’m guessing it would end up in a ravine with her standing on the tarmac with a parachute claiming it was a successful landing. ‘The plane is on the ground,’” Meyers said, giving a smarmy impression of the person who first used the term “alternative facts.” “‘Do you not think the plane is on the ground?’”

Conway, in line with her modus operandi while in the White House, wrote on Twitter that Biden is the one who should resign. Spicer, on his Newsmax show, also huffed and puffed about the president’s request, declaring that he’d join a lawsuit against the Biden administration.

Curious about whom Spicer would seek to represent him, Meyers suggested that Trump’s former personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani would be up for it—though his law license is suspended in Washington, D.C., due to his repeated lies about Trump’s 2020 election loss.

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