CNN's Stelter: Dems Aren't in Disarray — 'Congress Is in Disarray,' Failing

CNN's Stelter: Dems Aren't in Disarray — 'Congress Is in Disarray,' Failing

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Sunday, CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter pushed back against the notion that Democrats are in “disarray.”

Stelter said he has been hearing people joke and repeat the term “disarray” when discussing the current state of the Democratic Party. He argued that it is actually Congress that is in “disarray” and “failing.”

“[O]ne of the phrases I always hear these days, of course — ‘Dems in disarray.’ It’s a meme, it’s a joke, but it’s also said seriously all the time, ‘The Democrats are in disarray,’” Stelter stated. “Is it more accurate to say Congress is in disarray, Congress is failing?”

Author James Fallows agreed, adding that Republicans are causing the disarray by utilizing the filibuster.

“And just one brief comment here — Congress is in disarray, but Congress is being made to be in disarray by one group of congresspeople: It’s by, you know, the Republicans are saying we’re going to use the threat of a filibuster with our minority to hold up this crucial thing for the world’s economy,” Fallows replied. “So, it’s in disarray, but it’s a caused disarray, rather than just some naturally occurring phenomenon.”

Stelter added, “But if we leave out the cause, then we’re missing the story.”

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