Buttigieg Confuses CNN Host, Implying Supply Chain Issues Are Good | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Buttigieg Confuses CNN Host, Implying Supply Chain Issues Are Good | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Pete Buttigieg’s surprising take on supply chain problems, Joe Biden being caught on video violating DC’s mask mandate, Dr. Fauci’s positive guidance for the vaccinated, and the Biden poll numbers that have reversed what people want their government to try to solve. First, Dave shares a clip of Pete Buttigieg’s surprising response to the empty shelves, and delivery delays that many Americans are experiencing. The nationwide failure of supply chain management leading to food shortages and bare shelves may actually be a good thing according to Mayor Pete. He sees all of this proof that Joe Biden has saved us from a horrible recession because demand for goods is so high. Next, Dave shares a clip of Joe Biden showing his mask mandate hypocrisy. Biden was filmed at the high-end Washington D.C. restaurant Fiola Mare violating the D.C. indoor mask mandate proving that masks are simply safety theater at this point. Next, Dave shares a clip of Anthony Fauci giving some positive guidance about how people should proceed during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas holiday season. Unfortunately he only has positive news for the vaccinated. Finally, Dave shares shocking poll numbers that reflect how much Joe Biden’s approval ratings have begun to affect how people feel about their government. Gallup released poll results that show the public has reversed course and now a majority of Americans think that the government should have a more limited role in trying to fix America’s problems. It was only last year that a majority of Americans had more faith in government and high levels of trust in government to tackle more of the nation’s problems.


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