Disney’s Gay Agenda | Ep. 919

Disney’s Gay Agenda | Ep. 919

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Disney executives are now openly admitting to their “gay agenda” — their words, not mine. Another executive, in a recent staff meeting, bragged about her “pansexual child.” We’ll talk about Disney’s free fall plummet into far left wokeism. Also, a kindergarten teacher worries that the Florida bill just signed into law will prevent him from talking to his students about his love life. But why does he need to talk to them about that? And Biden signs the anti-lynching act, thanks to Republicans who provided him with this opportunity to virtue signal. Jim Carrey is speaking out against Will Smith’s violent outburst at the Oscars. Why is he almost the only guy in Hollywood saying anything about it? Plus, a Republican congressman claims that he’s been invited to drug fueled orgies by other members of congress. In our Daily Cancellation, Jon Stewart has white guilt and he wants to tell us all about it. We’ll listen, and then cancel him. 

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