Inside Meta's New Retail Store     – CNET

Inside Meta's New Retail Store – CNET

Meta VR Store

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In California on May 9, Meta will open its first retail store, where customers will be able to get hands-on with virtual reality headsets, video chat devices and smart glasses.

Meta VR Store

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Retail employees will be able to walk users through the use of VR devices.

Meta VR Store

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An open space dedicated to trying out virtual reality, where the user’s view is displayed on the surrounding walls.  

Meta VR Store

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Walls filled with Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses, Facebook’s Portal video chat devices and the Quest 2 VR headset and accessories.

Meta VR Store

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Various Meta VR products line the shelves at Meta’s new retail store on its Burlingame, California, campus.

Meta VR Store

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The Anker Charging Dock for Quest 2 is a resting place for your Quest 2 headset and controllers that includes rechargeable batteries for your controllers as well as a USB-C cable and power adapter.

Meta VR Store

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With the Ray-Ban Stories glasses, you can also just say, “Hey Facebook, take a photo,” or tell Facebook to shoot a video. 

Meta VR Store

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The store’s displays also caution shoppers to use their devices responsibly, offering tips on how to do so.

Meta VR Store

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Ray-Ban Stories are smart glasses that allow users to take photos, record video and listen to music, but they can’t be purchased at the store. The QR code shown here will take shoppers to the Ray-Ban site, where the glasses are sold.

Meta VR Store

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The Meta Store will be open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 322 Airport Blvd. in Burlingame, California, just south of San Francisco.

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