When CAR GUYS Use 100% Of Their BRAIN! [MUST WATCH!]

When CAR GUYS Use 100% Of Their BRAIN! [MUST WATCH!]

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Today on your Monthly Dose Of Recent Automotive Crazyness there will be jumping tesla vans! F1 Cars on the street, RC Formula 1 Cars, Drifting Piaggo Ape, Big single turbop jetski, porsche trolling lamborghini on track, Mini Dragster, JDM and BMW bed, Big exhaust with basketball, Fake BMW M3, farting gas tank, 2-Step & Antilag, crazy turbo bov ( turbo flutter and BOV )

This series is inspired by Daily Dose Of Internet and Carmighty

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Old happy man – @antonio_lugosrt

Jumping Tesla Van – @hemecula_

F1 car and Lamborghini Aventador on the street – @smitty_6speed @creativebespoke

F1 RC car – @Carbon Element /@nabihhh

Drifting rally Ape – @lorisrosati95

Big Turbo Jetski – @luisaguilar934

Porsche troll Huracan on track – @ringrennsport

Mini Dragster – @jamesrutherford79

Drifting 2Jz swapped Tesla – @teslacade

Middle Eastern Twin Turbo Anti Lag drift Pickup & SUV – @q846 @su0085_

Farting Gastank – @ryleeloren


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