Today on your Monthly Dose Of Recent Automotive Crazyness there will be jet engine rocket carts! tuners vs. police, rear wheel drive turbo audis, Ford GT40 pure sound, Motorcycle bike racing, V8 marine engine swap for miata, F1 car on the street, Pagani Zonda Cinque & Porsche Carrera GT V10, Big single turbo jetski, Supercharged hellcat, jdm turbo, 2JZ sound,Redlining bike 2-Step & Antilag, crazy turbo bov ( turbo flutter and BOV )

This series is inspired by Daily Dose Of Internet and Carmighty

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All credits to

Home made Rocket Cart – @Robert Maddox

Kids cars racing – @thejohnclemens

RWD swapped Turbo Audi S3 – @jacquelineheller

Kids take Porsche from Parents – @big_man_263

Kid on carting track doesn’t brake – @ohhellmann

2 GT40 at the gas station – @robin_haas

Racing motorcycle chariots – @thejenner175

Custom valve exhaust – @leneurchidespreparateurs

V8 marine engine revs – @c.r.i.t.ic.a.l

Old Formula 1 car on the street – @wave_paul_ @28.04.eqpuz__

Pagani Zonda Cinque sending it – @oolkf

Tuners troll police – @florian_e_amg

Single Turbo Jetski – @nickmitic_

Porsche Carrera GT – @c3dr1c_4

Dude redlines bike until the cat comes out – @mcgiganteoriginal

Gold BMW I8 gets hit by baseball bat – @c63nyc

BMW X6 Limo – @robertadianais

VW Van goes in circle – @canadiantacos72

I do not own these videos. Credit goes to their rightful owners.
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