Seth Meyers Rips Fox News and GOP ‘Gaslighting’ on Abortion Bans

Seth Meyers Rips Fox News and GOP ‘Gaslighting’ on Abortion Bans

After turning a good portion of his show over to the president of Planned Parenthood and three female writers on Monday, Seth Meyers finally took “A Closer Look” at the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade on Tuesday.

“Amid a torrent of national outrage and widespread protest over the Supreme Court’s grotesque decision to shred abortion rights, Republicans are shamelessly claiming that it’s Democrats who are staging riots by peacefully protesting,” the Late Night host began. “And on top of that, they’re trying to gaslight everyone into thinking nothing has been banned as a result of this decision.”

Specifically, Meyers dug into the bizarre juxtaposition of conservatives on Fox News and elsewhere accusing Democrats of supposedly resorting to violence over the ruling on the same day that Americans are learning Donald Trump welcomed deadly weapons into his Jan.uary 6th rally because, as he allegedly put it, “They’re not here to hurt me.”

“Whenever a news story happens that Fox News knows is bad for Republicans politically, like overturning an overwhelmingly popular constitutional right, Fox tries to pivot by convincing your grandparents that antifa is currently outside their house right now threatening to steal their flagstones and take their lawn gnomes hostage,” ” the host said.

“They love to do this childish thing where they accuse the left of doing the thing they actually did,” Meyers continued. “Like, they’re the ones who fomented a violent coup to overthrow the government.”

And “when they’re not lying and calling the left violent,” he added, “they’re lying and calling the left hysterical.” Meyers said Republicans are “trying to have it both ways” by “celebrating” their victory while also “gaslighting everyone into thinking nothing has actually been banned.”

After playing clips of Kevin McCarthy, Marsha Blackburn, Sean Hannity, and Marco Rubio all claiming that “nothing’s been banned” since the Supreme Court simply returned the issue to the states—many of which promptly banned abortion—Meyers shot back, “This is the shittiest Jedi mind trick I’ve ever seen.”

“This ruling was not theoretical,” he added. “It put millions of women and people who can become pregnant in jeopardy immediately.”

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