Awesome Hyundai RN22e Concept Previews Potential Ioniq 6 N EV     – CNET

Awesome Hyundai RN22e Concept Previews Potential Ioniq 6 N EV – CNET

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After releasing the full details of its Ioniq 6 electric sedan, Hyundai wasted no time unveiling the new RN22e concept at its N Day event Thursday, previewing what a future Ioniq 6 N could be like. Hyundai describes the RN22e as a rolling lab concept, with its design and engineering set to directly influence future production EVs.

The RN22e uses the same 77.4-kilowatt-hour battery pack as the standard Ioniq 6, but its dual motors have been boosted to produce 577 horsepower and 546 pound-feet of torque, increases of 257 hp and 100 lb-ft over the Ioniq 6. (That figure also matches the Kia EV6 GT.) Hyundai doesn’t give any acceleration figures, but the RN22e has a top speed of more than 155 mph. It also has the same fast-charging capability as the normal Ioniq 6, with the ability to go from 10% to 80% charge in under 18 minutes.

Hyundai says the RN22e was designed to maximize the N brand’s three performance pillars: Corner rascal, everyday sports car and race track capability. To achieve the first point, the RN22e has an electronic limited-slip differential, a twin-clutch torque vectoring system and the ability to select the amount of torque being sent to the front and rear wheels on the fly. It also uses a number of 3D-printed parts that reduce weight and increase stiffness. For enhanced track capability, the RN22 has four-piston brake calipers with large 15.7-inch discs, and Hyundai is using the RN22e to develop regenerative braking systems that have improved yaw control. One of the hallmarks of Hyundai’s existing N models has been the sound and visceral character, and that isn’t lost with the RN22e. It has N-specific noise generators inside and out, and something called N e-shift provides shifting feel and vibration.

This could easily translate to a production Ioniq 6 N.


The RN22e looks like a wild race car version of the Ioniq 6, but it’s easy to see how the design could be translated to a production car. Overall the RN22e is 2.4 inches longer and 5.7 inches wider than the standard Ioniq 6, with the wider fenders having large air intakes at the edges of the doors. The headlights are slimmer, there’s a large vent in the hood and the front bumper has a massive grille and additional intakes. At the back, the RN22e has a larger protruding diffuser, a huge wing and open sections behind the rear wheels. Other new details include the N brand’s signature blue paint in a matte finish with a cool center stripe, 21-inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and racing-style side mirrors.

The RN22e may just be a concept for now, but it will be undergoing lots of on-road and track testing to help Hyundai develop future N products. Hyundai also officially announced the production Ioniq 5 N, which will be the brand’s first electric performance car available for public consumption when it goes on sale in 2023.

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