Google’s New Wallet App Is Available Globally, Report Says     – CNET

Google’s New Wallet App Is Available Globally, Report Says – CNET

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Google users should have access to the new Google Wallet app, after the search giant reportedly completed its rollout on Monday. If you live in the US, you should now have a new Google Wallet App next to your Google Pay app. The former offers digital wallet functionality, while the latter acts primarily as a personal payment app like Venmo

Google Wallet, announced in May during Google I/O, is Google’s effort at a more inclusive wallet app, which holds credit and debit cards in digital form, along with tickets, loyalty cards and vaccination cards.

Google rolled out the app to Android users in 39 countries last week, according to The Verge. In the US and Singapore, Google Wallet and Pay will remain two distinct apps. 

But people in Europe and the rest of the word will get one unified app. They will see the Google Pay app change on their devices, with an updated title of Wallet, the new logo, and new options for adding passes like public transit and gift cards within it. For most, Google Wallet will simply replace the Google Pay app, with no need to manually transfer over. In India, new functionalities will stay under the Google Pay name.

In the long term, Google hopes to add identification cards like driver’s licenses and student IDs to Wallet’s capabilities, something Apple Wallet began offering in Arizona in March.

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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