Bride splits opinion after making ‘crazy’ request for what she wants groom to change his last name to when they marry

Bride splits opinion after making ‘crazy’ request for what she wants groom to change his last name to when they marry

A BRIDE has sparked a huge debate after asking her fiance to take her ex-husband’s name when they marry.

The woman kept her former beau’s surname when they divorced – but now wants her future husband to take the name too.

A bride has requested her fiance take her ex-husband's surname
A bride has requested her fiance take her ex-husband’s surnameCredit: Getty

Her stunned pal shared details of the bizarre request on Reddit, branding it “absurd” and a “clear relationship ender”.

She said: “I have a friend who is divorced, with a child. Things didn’t end well with her ex, but they are ok being amicable for the child’s sake.

She had taken her ex-husband’s last name and kept it post-divorce, for professional reasons.

“She is getting remarried, and apparently asked her groom to take the name of her ex-husband.

“I don’t know the motivation for this, but my mind is completely blown.”

The woman argued her friend is being “selfish” by trying to get her fiance to take the surname of her ex.

She added: “I’m shocked that someone would have the gall to ask this of someone they supposedly love.

“I see it as incredibly selfish, and a reflection of how little she must care for him – almost as if he’s just an accessory to be fit into her life.

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“If I was his friend, I’d recommend he leave and never look back.”

It has completely divided opinion – with some defending the woman’s request as other called her “crazy”.

One said: “That lady is crazy and you’re right. Never look back.”

Another wrote: “You’re not overreacting. It’s totally absurd. I can’t believe any man would agree to that! What a door mat!”

But a third responded: “It makes sense to me. She wants her new family to have a shared last name.”

And a fourth commented: “I don’t think it is that crazy, if you reframe it from her ex-husband’s name and think of it as the name of her children.”

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