Grab this resistance training bow for your next workout

Grab this resistance training bow for your next workout

TL;DR: As of September 17, you can get the Original Gorilla Bow Base Bundle(opens in a new tab) for just $174.99 instead of $199.99 — that’s a 12% discount.

Working out at home may save you the gym subscription, but that equipment is bulky and often expensive. You may be able to cut down on equipment and free some space by replacing your weights with resistance training equipment(opens in a new tab)

Resistance training is a great way to build muscle without needing much heavy equipment. In fact, a 2019 study found resistance training to be as effective or better than traditional workout methods for building strength. If you’d like to add a fully adjustable resistance and strength training workout tool to your home gym, then check out the Original Gorilla Bow for only $174.99. 

An adjustable total body workout 

The Original Gorilla Bow is a seemingly-simple workout tool with a ton that it can do. Strength training? The Gorilla Bow can support 300 pounds of weight capacity or tension. That aircraft-grade aluminum construction is solid, and the four double-wall Gorilla Bands(opens in a new tab) are tough too. Those bands include one each for 50, 30, 20, and 10 pounds of resistance. Each band can stretch 2.5 times its length. You could even use two at once for an extra-tough workout — and it might be a good idea to give your muscles a break after. 

If you’re looking for workouts to try and classes to join that let you use your Gorilla Bow, then you might also enjoy trying the Gorilla Bow All-Access Membership, which is included with your purchase. Download the Gorilla Bow App for iOS or Android and get on-demand classes, new workouts, challenges, and more. Connect with other Gorilla Bow users and learn all the ways you can use this versatile fitness equipment.

Strength training and toning in one 

The Original Gorilla Bow looks simple, but it could be a doorway to exercises that help you build muscle, tone your body, or slim down. Get the Original Gorilla Bow Base Bundle(opens in a new tab) for $174.99 (Reg. $199). 

Prices subject to change.

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