Apple Hit With Complaint From National Labor Relations Board     – CNET

Apple Hit With Complaint From National Labor Relations Board – CNET

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The US National Labor Relations Board has filed a complaint against Apple Inc., over accusations that the tech company hampered union-organizing efforts at a store in New York City. The complaint involves allegations that Apple discriminated against employees by monitoring and questioning them about workplace activism and preventing the distribution of pro-union materials, according to a report this week by The New York Times.

The NLRB complaint stems from a May 2022 filing from the Communications Workers of America, which alleged that Apple violated several laws under the National Labor Relations Act, including “restricting the posting of union fliers, and requiring employees to attend mandatory anti-union speeches.” Additionally, the NLRB complaint involves accusations that Apple selectively enforced its no solicitation policy against employees participating in or supporting union organizing efforts. 

The NLRB said it found merit in two of the CWA’s claims, the Times reported. A spokesman for Apple told the publication that the company disagrees with the union’s claims and looks “forward to presenting the facts.” An NLRB judge has set a hearing for Dec. 13. 

Retail workers at Apple stores throughout the US have sought to unionize, in cities including Atlanta, Baltimore, Oklahoma City and Louisville. In May, organizers for employees at an Apple Store in Atlanta withdrew their request for a union election, accusing Apple of union-busting activity. In June, Apple reportedly shared plans to roll out new policies for retail staff aimed at flexible schedules

During the past year, Apple has faced several complaints from staff, including one from Janneke Parrish, a former employee who accused the company of firing her for encouraging colleagues to share stories about discrimination and harassment. Parrish filed her complaint with the NLRB in November 2021, following two other Apple employees who filed similar charges with the agency in September. At the time of Parrish’s filing, Apple said it takes all concerns seriously and investigates them thoroughly but doesn’t discuss specific employee issues with the press, out of a concern for privacy.

Neither Apple nor the National Labor Relations Board immediately responded to requests for comment on Wednesday.

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