Jimmy Kimmel Laughs in Herschel Walker’s ‘Stupid’ Face

Jimmy Kimmel Laughs in Herschel Walker’s ‘Stupid’ Face

“Trump’s celebrity apprentice down in Georgia had a very bad day,” Jimmy Kimmel said during his monologue Tuesday night before launching into a merciless takedown of Herschel Walker following The Daily Beast bombshell about the anti-abortion candidate paying for a girlfriend’s abortion.

Noting that Walker characterizes himself a “man of God” and “Mr. Pro-Life” and “Mr. Family Values,” Kimmel said that this “wasn’t just a random” claim from the “former lover,” citing the check and get well card signed by the candidate.

From there, Kimmel roasted Walker for claiming to Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he had never seen the card he signed even as it appeared on screen beside him. Laughing hysterically, the host joked, “C’mon, Sean, you can’t expect me to keep track of all the abortion cards I’ve sent out.”

“Imagine being so stupid you write a check for an abortion you want to keep secret,” Kimmel added.

Finally, Kimmel played an extended clip of the video that the candidate’s son Christian Walker posted on social media earlier in the day in which he went off on his father for having four kids with four different women and “wasn’t in the house raising one of them.”

“Eric and Don Jr. are like, ‘Holy crap, you can do that?’” Kimmel joked, followed by “Herschel’s like, ‘Oops, I should have aborted that one too.’”

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