Blue Apron Meal Kits Are Now Available on Amazon, No Subscription Required     – CNET

Blue Apron Meal Kits Are Now Available on Amazon, No Subscription Required – CNET

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Blue Apron is now selling its easy meal kits on Amazon with no subscription required for the first time. The brand announced the third-party expansion and partnership with megaretailer Amazon on Thursday in an effort to reach a bigger customer base, and for those not keen on subscribing to a meal kit service.

Blue Apron now offers a selection of its premade meals and meal kits including ready-to-cook meals (no prep required), family favorites recipes, prepared meals (no cooking required) and a few limited-time, special occasion boxes. 

Blue Apron with Amazon pricing

A box of two standard meal kits with two serving each will cost $50 ($12.50 a serving) with free shipping for Amazon Prime members. Bundles of two meal kits for four (good for families) start at $70 with per-serving costs as low as $8.75. There’s also an option for adding extras such as salad and bread to round out the meal kits. A box of four prepared Blue Apron meals can be had for $60.

The Blue Apron x Amazon meal kits are sold via the US Amazon store, but boxes are directly fulfilled by Blue Apron’s operations team, taking advantage of the company’s strong supply chain and its ability to ship boxes the next business day.

The meal kit company announced a similar partnership with retailer Walmart in June of this year. 

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