‘House Party’ R-rated trailer puts Project X copycats to shame

‘House Party’ R-rated trailer puts Project X copycats to shame

When two party promoters and part-time house cleaners find themselves out of luck — and money — they join forces to do what anyone in their situation would. They throw an illegal house party at LeBron James’ mansion without his consent, duh! 

Nodding to the ’90s classic House Party (1990), the director of the 21st-century remix, Calmatic, brings fans a freshly comical story that presents all of the celebrities you could think of at the hottest party of the year.

Chaos ensues as their celebration transitions from a desperate attempt to gain financial stability to a night gone horribly wrong. The hilarious, action-packed movie starring the chaotic duo of Tosin Cole and Jacob Latimore navigates a night with a time traveler, a mischievous koala, a LeBron James hologram, and classic hits from the ’90s that put the nostalgia back in comedy.

House Party premieres in theaters on Jan. 13, 2023.


Kyle McWilliams

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