DuckDuckGo Mac App Beta Available to Public With New Features     – CNET

DuckDuckGo Mac App Beta Available to Public With New Features – CNET

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine, eliminated the waitlist for its beta Mac app on Tuesday, allowing anyone to download and use the app. The waitlist for the app launched in April.

The app initially included features like a built-in private search engine and a tracker blocker. Since then, DuckDuckGo has added more privacy features and attributes mobile app users will recognize, like the fire button that instantly clears your browsing data.

One new feature is the launch of Duck Player, a more private YouTube video player. The player blocks things like targeted ads and cookies, as well as video recommendations (many of which viewers regret watching, according to a study). YouTube will still register your views, but these views won’t contribute to a viewing profile, according to DuckDuckGo. You can set Duck Player to always be on, or you can turn it on for individual videos.

Other new features include password management integration with BitWarden and 1Password’s universal autofill. The company said it’s working on integrating other password managers, too. 

“Our browser includes our own secure and easy-to-use password manager,” DuckDuckGo wrote in a news release. “But we understand some folks want to continue using third-party password management across browsers and devices.”

DuckDuckGo’s Mac app also has an upgraded cookie consent pop-up management tool that can automatically select the most private option.

DuckDuckGo's cookie consent pop-up management tool

A DuckDuckGo tool asks if you want it to handle cookie consent pop-ups.


 The app also has a new feature that eliminates most empty white spaces left behind by blocked ads. DuckDuckGo already stops ads that use tracking scripts from loading, and the Mac app checks for unloaded ads and removes those empty spaces.

“We’re proud of how far DuckDuckGo for Mac has come in this short time, and it will only get better from here,” DuckDuckGo wrote.

DuckDuckGo also shared news about development of its Windows browser. The company said the browser is in an early friends and family beta, and it expects a private waitlist beta will be available in the coming months.

For more about online privacy, check out five reasons to ditch Google and switch to DuckDuckGo, what to know about DuckDuckGo’s email protection service beta and CNET’s list of the best password managers.

duckduckgo mac app beta available to public with new features

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