Fox News Host Geraldo Rivera Host Blames George Floyd for Democrats’ Failures

Fox News Host Geraldo Rivera Host Blames George Floyd for Democrats’ Failures

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera on Tuesday pointed the finger at the deceased George Floyd when identifying the “most important person in the failure of the Democratic Party.”

“I think that once he was murdered, the country went crazy with ‘Defund the Police’ and everything else,” said Rivera, who in June 2020 criticized the Black Lives Matter movement for overlooking “Black on Black crime.”

“So the Democrats led the charge. A very, very unrealistic government,” Rivera claimed, even though the “Defund the Police” movement was hardly a consensus topic in the party after Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld was quick to respond to Rivera saying “the country” went overboard with the movement afterwards. “Just a part of the country,” he said. “Not even half.”

Earlier in the segment, Gutfeld offered what he thought are the issues that have defined Democrats’ midterm campaigns: “oppression theology, non-binary gender bathrooms [and] indoctrination education.”

“These are not things that people sit around and talk about at their kitchen table. So what they’re learning now is that they forgot about America. And there’s nothing that Obama can do for them. There’s nothing that Joe [Biden] can do for them,” he said, referring to how former President Obama is set to make a few campaign stops in battleground states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Obama, in a recent podcast appearance, did also say that Democrats can be a “buzzkill” by harping on identity politics.

“This identity obsession is their QAnon. They have to clean house,” Gutfeld insisted, before saying that the early evening Fox News show he co-hosts holds the real answer to lowering crime.

“No matter what we say, they’re not going to listen to us. That’s why they didn’t listen to us on The Five. If they listened to us on The Five for two years, there wouldn’t be a crime problem.”

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