Tim Heidecker on Kanye: You Can Be Mentally Ill AND an Idiot

Tim Heidecker on Kanye: You Can Be Mentally Ill AND an Idiot

Comedian Tim Heidecker isn’t tiptoeing around the situation surrounding the rapper formally known as Kanye West. He shared his thoughts about the disgraced fashion designer on this bonus episode of The New Abnormal podcast.

“It’s sort of like not even comfortable to talk about because obviously there are a lot of people who suffer from mental illness who aren’t bigots. And there are a lot of bigots who I guess technically don’t suffer from mental illness in the clinical sense,” says the show’s host Andy Levy.

Heidecker agrees.

“You can be mentally ill and an idiot, too, right? You can have both of those things going on,” he adds.

All of that aside, Heidecker tells Andy that he “never understood the genius label” anyway. “You know, I just never clicked with it,” he says.

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Then Heidecker, who also stars in the show On Cinema and has parodied Joe Rogan’s podcast in the past, tells Andy that he doesn’t understand the appeal of The Joe Rogan Experience either.

“I’ve never seen the end of one of those episodes because I just eventually tap out. It’s just so self-obsessed, just the most boring conversations over and over again every day with sometimes interesting people that he seems to suck the life out of,” says Heidecker. “And so I’m confused and can’t understand the appeal and the popularity aside from, like, sort of the dangerous rhetoric that ends up coming up on that show over and over again.”

“People always say about Joe Rogan, his fans and even some of his detractors will say, ‘But he’s very curious, he’s very open-minded’ and I’m always like, no, he’s not curious, He’s incredulous,” adds Andy.

Heidecker tells Andy that despite his thoughts on Rogan, he doesn’t want him to be canceled.

Plus! The two talk about the event that made Heidecker even more of a socialist.

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