Bye, Cashmere—This Insanely Soft Alpaca Cardigan Is the Epitome of Luxury

Bye, Cashmere—This Insanely Soft Alpaca Cardigan Is the Epitome of Luxury

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If you’re torn on what to buy someone on your list for the holidays, there are always the safe, surefire gift options that will please even the pickiest giftee. There is the terrycloth bathrobe, the chic, expensive coffee table book, a great bottle of French or Italian wine, and, of course, a beautiful cashmere sweater.

But believe it or not, a great cashmere sweater is surprisingly hard to come by. While you may see neatly folded piles of them in high-end stores, I know from experience that the ones I’ve purchased online and held high hopes for would often let me down, with many of them turning out to be expensive imitation blends instead of grade-A luxury cashmere. That’s why I started investing in alpaca sweaters instead of cashmere: you know exactly what quality you’re getting, and the fibers are even silkier and finer than cashmere could ever dream of being.

Everlane’s apparel already holds a special place in my heart. Not only do I source most of my best workwear and comfy flats from the online retailer, I also peruse the direct-to-consumer shop for holiday gifts—including ones for myself! That’s why when I found their SuperFuzz Alpaca Oversized Cardigan, I knew I had to snag one to see if the fuzzy, Alpaca-blend cardigan could keep me looking chic and feeling warm in the coming fall and winter months.

Everlane SuperFuzz Alpaca Cardigan

The SuperFuzz Alpaca Oversized Cardigan is indeed the softest, finest, and most luxurious fall-fashion staple I currently own. While I held out hope that the cardigan would be comfy and soft since I couldn’t try it on before ordering, I was surprised at just how supple and smooth this fluffy, forgiving cardigan turned out to be. It feels much softer than any of my other high-end, expensive sweaters, and I felt foolish for ever reaching for cashmere over alpaca in the past. Never again!

Very true to alpaca fleece, the oversized cardigan is incredibly warm but also still very breathable. While you’ll certainly want to keep this cardigan reserved for colder-weather days, the good news is you won’t be sweating bullets if the temperature does warm up during the day. Also, there is absolutely no itch to be felt when wearing this snuggly sweater.

The SuperFuzz Alpaca Oversized Cardigan comes in three shades: Blue Atoll, Dijon, and my personal fave, Heathered Charcoal. Something to note: The SuperFuzz Alpaca Oversized Cardigan does fit very loosely. While I typically wear a large, this cardigan is still quite oversized on me even at a medium. While I wouldn’t necessarily order two sizes down on this fall staple, I would note that the description of oversized is indeed very accurate. If you like an oversized look, I’d suggest ordering your regular size or even perhaps one size down, and if you like something more fitted, perhaps consider buying their Alpaca Crew sweater, which fits very true to size.

While cashmere will always be a fixture in mainstream fall fashion, I suggest you forgo convention and start investing in something even more luxurious, soft, and breathable. Because once you go alpaca, you’ll find it hard to settle for anything less than this near-perfect fiber. And if you should find yourself last-minute Christmas shopping this year for loved ones, don’t worry; you’ll know just what oversized cardigan to buy.

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