Nets’ Kyrie Irving can go to hell with his anti-Semitic stupidity

Nets’ Kyrie Irving can go to hell with his anti-Semitic stupidity

As a matter of full disclosure, I am a Jew. 

In fact, my daughters bought me one of those DNA ancestry spit kits and it revealed that I’m 99 percent European Ashkenazi Jew and 1 percent Bonomo Turkish Taffy. 

Jews, as flat-earth theorist Kyrie Irving recently shared on antisocial media, are slave-traders controlled by Satan. 

Yep, the Mushnicks and the Satan Families have been tight for generations. Sunday nights, we’d have Chinese food with the Satans. For some reason, they preferred Szechuan. Can’t recall my folks or grandparents swapping slaves with the Satans; it seems I’d rememberer that. 

While Irving’s sense of applied and shared history seems to be in accord with the 12th Century Inquisition and genocidal Nazis of the 20th Century, I wonder if he knows of three more recent historical figures: 

James Chaney, a black man from Mississippi, and Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman, two young Jews from New York City. 

I highly doubt Irving, despite his Duke University pedigree, has heard of them and I highly doubt that what now passes for black leadership — the selectively silent from Jesse Jackson to Al Sharpton to Louis Farrakhan to LeBron James to Kanye West — would encourage young African-Americans to learn of them. 

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving posted a link to a film containing antiSemitic tropes.
Corey Sipkin for the NY POST

Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman were civil rights workers on a mission in Mississippi in 1964. They were murdered by Ku Klux Klan members. Chaney was 21, Schwerner was 24 and Goodman was 20. 

Starting with the formation of the NAACP in 1909 in NYC, there have been a preponderance of Jews in black civil rights movements. They shared the commonality and brutality of illogical, ignorant Kyrie Irving-like bigotry. 

But now we see, hear and read of “enlightened” black men and women turning Jews such as Goodman and Schwerner from martyrs to suckers. It’s a colossal betrayal generated and spread by practiced hate and race hustlers who now win attention and even support on demand. 

Still, I suppose, Ian Eagle, the Jewish TV play-by-play man for the Nets on YES, will have to sound pleased and excited when Irving hits a jumper — in those games Irving decides to play. 

The Nets acquired Irving and paid him tens of millions of dollars despite two previous NBA stops during which he provided ample evidence that he’s fools’ gold, far more trouble than he’s worth. 

In the meantime … 

The Nets took a wait-and-see approach to Irving’s insidiously stupid bigotry, as if there were something to weigh, a reasonable debate to be heard on whether Jews take orders from Satan. 

Kyrie Irving
The Nets suspended Kyrie Irving Thursday night.
Corey Sipkin for the NY POST

Said Nets general manager Sean Marks: “There’s an education piece for everyone here.” There is? What do I need to learn from this that I didn’t know? Or should we just agree to disagree and get ready to host the Mavericks? 

The Nets regularly enrich disgusting players, have become a disgusting franchise in a disgusting league and are expected to hire a disgusting coach

The double standards that those in sports now hope we don’t notice as they point us all backwards are glaring. 

How long would NBA commissioner Adam Silver wait to act if a white player publicly attacked blacks as literal devils? That player would be gone — good riddance — and nationally vilified before you could say John Bleepin’ Rocker. 

It took until Thursday for Silver to express he was “disappointed” with Irving,” prior to the Nets suspending him for at least five game, and to say in a statement that he plans to soon meet with “Kyrie.” 

“Disappointed” as opposed to incensed or livid? 

Meanwhile, more than a few black leaders continue to encourage resentment of Jews. Why? Is it resentment of achievement, strong family structures, emphasis on education, health, prosperity and charity? The ability to survive pogroms and then thrive again? 

But I’m arguing common sense, something that has so clearly escaped Irving and others without the ability or willingness to know and say better. Irving only understands the visceral, something he saw in a movie, a black-version remake of Joseph Goebbels’ “Eternal Jew.” 

So go to hell, Kyrie. I’ll see you there.

Getting overly analytic on MLB

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred claims that most everyone he speaks with loves the automatic second-base runner come the 10th inning. That’s proof that he’s either full of it or doesn’t consort with baseball fans. 

I’ve received hundreds of emails on the subject. Only one — just one — claimed to like it. Most recognized that it’s another capitulation to diminished skills and misapplied analytics. 

Rob Manfred
Rob Manfred insists fans love the automatic runner on second in extra innings during the regular season.
Corey Sipkin for the NY POST

Phillies manager Rob Thomson: “During the playoffs, I don’t [like it]. I think you play baseball.” 

And that’s how it remains — for now. 

But, Thomson added: 

“When you get into one of those 17-, 18-inning games, you’re going through pretty much everybody out of your bullpen, and then you’ve got to start making player moves. And when guys have to be down 15 days and you just sent down three or four of your pitchers, you can’t bring them back. … You don’t want that.” 

Understood. But why must managers use everyone in their bullpens? If effective relievers are allowed to continue pitching, as a matter of in-game logic rather “assigned innings,” games make more sense and are played faster. 

Why should rules be different based on whether it’s the playoffs? As Thomson said, “You play baseball.” 

Keepin’ it real: That eight Michigan State players have been suspended for a vicious attack on Michigan players after their loss at Michigan, is what’s commonly known as a “gang assault,”a reflection on the recruitment of “student-athletes.” 

Of course, not that infuriated Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh was going to bring it up, but Wolverines recruits have a nasty habit for being arrested for various crimes. 

Perhaps that gives new meaning to Michigan’s stadium as “The Big House.”

Gang Green falls short wearing black unis

Gee, those street-cred black helmets the Jets wore at home against the Patriots on Sunday were a real game-changer! 

Jets receiver Garrett Wilson reacts during the Jets' loss to the Patriots.
Jets receiver Garrett Wilson reacts during the Jets’ loss to the Patriots.
Robert Sabo for the NY POST

You think Panthers wide receiver D.J. Moore has stopped smiling and high-fiving teammates long enough to realize that his photo-op TD “celebration” at the end of regulation against the Falcons on Sunday cost his team the game? 

Five years in the NFL and he doesn’t know the rules? Next! 

Fox’s Mark Sanchez, with the Giants third-and-4 from their own 34 in Seattle: “Huge third-down for the Giants.” Really? The score was 0-0, 12:10 left — in the first quarter! 

Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez
Corey Sipkin for the NY POST

Mike Breen was given the Vin Scully Award for sportscasting excellence by WFUV, Fordham’s radio station that so well served them and then us. 

The Jets, on Sunday, had a third-and-goal from the 17. They settled for a field goal. But it was a red-zone possession. Don’t forget: they’re all the same. 

Stat of the Week submitted by reader David Distefano as seen on the NFL Network: “Colts QBs are 1-15 in first starts since the 1970 merger.” Seriously. Someone researched that, entered it into an info bank and someone else chose it for national consideration. 

Two new games I’ve yet to play: Pickleball and hash tag.

Phil Mushnick

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