Jordan Klepper’s New Podcast Debunks Dumbest MAGA Conspiracies

Jordan Klepper’s New Podcast Debunks Dumbest MAGA Conspiracies

Over the past several years, The Daily Show contributor Jordan Klepper has been forced to listen to Trump supporters spout the most absurd conspiracy theories imaginable in the parking lots of MAGA rallies across the country. Now, in a new podcast from Comedy Central and iHeartPodcasts called Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy, the comedian is finally taking the time to explain why they’re so wrong.

You can watch an exclusive video version of the first episode, which premieres tomorrow across all podcast platforms, below.

“This podcast is an opportunity to take the nuggets of chaos I discover on the road, put them under a microscope, and see where they came from, why they’re so compelling and if these conspiracy nugs may just destroy our democracy,” Klepper told The Daily Beast via email this week. “As shocking as some of the ideas are that I come across in the field, it’s been eye opening to see the historical precedent for a lot of this thinking. Where else can you talk to a medieval academic about the legacy of the ‘Nancy Pelosi drinks baby blood’ viewpoint?”

For anyone who has watched one of his popular Daily Show segments and “mumbled to yourself, ‘what the fuck?,’” he adds, “Well, here we attempt to answer that in podcast form.”

Among the experts Klepper enlists to answer that burning question is The Daily Beast’s resident right-wing disinformation expert Will Sommer, author of the upcoming book Trust the Plan and host of the Fever Dreams podcast, who appears as a guest in the first episode to break down the QAnon-fueled notion that JFK Jr. will be the political savior of the right.

While he can’t respond to every one of these conspiracies in the moment during his Daily Show pieces because they are making TV and “have to stay somewhat focused,” Klepper jokes in his introduction that “this is a podcast, and we don’t have to stay focused at all.”

“So I’m finally diving into some of the most incredible conspiracy theories that have been pitched to me at Trump rallies,” he says, “by America’s most… imaginative minds.”

For more, listen to The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper on The Last Laugh podcast.

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