Seth Meyers Gloats Over Most ‘Shocking’ Midterms Upset

Seth Meyers Gloats Over Most ‘Shocking’ Midterms Upset

The night after the midterm election polls closed, Seth Meyers told viewers that he wanted to only use to most “cautious” language to describe the state of the still undecided battle to control both houses of Congress: “Republicans fucked up and shit the bed like a bunch of jabronis.”

“I forgot to mention, our election guy is from New Jersey, like Dr. Oz!” the Late Night host added.

Despite confident predictions of a “red wave” from Fox News pundits and a “red tsunami” from GOP politicians like Ted Cruz, Democrats ended up doing much better than expected almost across the board. “If there was truly a tsunami coming, we all know Ted Cruz would have been on the first flight to Cancun,” Meyers joked.

Considering the political and economic headwinds facing Democrats going into this week’s elections, the fact that control of Congress remains a “toss-up” as of Wednesday is “crazy,” the host said.

He then turned to what he called “by far the most dramatic and my favorite example of how poorly things went for Republicans,” the “shocking development” in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, where GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert is still trailing her Democratic opponent in a race that “absolutely no one thought would be competitive.”

“I’m not saying I was excited last night when I saw those results, but I did rush into my kids’ room at 3 a.m. to shake them and scream, ‘Wake up! Lauren Boebert is losing!’” Meyers said. And for anyone confusing Boebert with her lookalike Sarah Palin, who was also running for a House seat in Alaska on Tuesday night, he added, “Don’t worry, they’re both losing, so you don’t even have to keep them straight.”

Later, Meyers reacted to former President Donald Trump’s pre-election declaration that he should get all of the credit for a Republican victory but none of the blame should the party be defeated.

“I mean, of course that’s what Trump would say, that’s how he’s operated his whole life,” the host said. “He wants credit for everything and blame for nothing. He’s the definition of a ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ kind of guy, except he still somehow manages to lose.”

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