I tried on my mom’s shocking old outfits — she claims they were innocent

I tried on my mom’s shocking old outfits — she claims they were innocent

Some moms don’t want their daughters leaving the house in skimpy clothing — but one woman is flipping the script by questioning her mother’s eyebrow-raising outfits from days gone by.

TikToker Paige Pejic posted a now-viral clip showing herself trying on saucy clothes that appeared to have once belonged to her mom.

“Trying on my mom’s old outfits and seeing her reaction,” the content creator, who is based in Ontario, captioned the video.

In the 90-second clip — which has been viewed more than 2.9 million times since it was uploaded last week — Pejic slips into two shocking ensembles and films her mom’s reactions.

The first is a body-hugging long-sleeve dress with cut-outs down the middle and along the sides.

Paige Pejic shared clips of herself wearing her mom's old outfits.
Paige Pejic shared clips of herself wearing her mom’s old outfits.
The second outfit 'confused' Pejic - but her mom clarified what it was for.
The second outfit “confused” Pejic — until her mom explained its use.

The content creator walks into the kitchen, where her mom is cooking. She questions “where on earth” she ever wore the hot number.

“Oh, that’s cute,” her mom enthused, adding she wore it “grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons.”

When Pejic asks if she remembers the frock, her mom laughs in response.

“Of course I do!” her mother replied. “I bought it.”

Her mom showed off the outfit's purpose.
Her mom showed off the outfit’s purpose.

The next outfit seems to be more of a costume — a pink-and-black corset with a tulle skirt.

“I have no idea what the heck this is,” Pejic exclaims after trying it on. “This is just not it, in my opinion.”

She said the look has “always concerned” her. “So I need answers, like, now,” she added.

Marching back into the kitchen wearing the attire, she demands “an answer” from her mom, who is still cooking.

Her mother takes it one step farther and tries the garb on, demonstrating its use by pairing it with roller skates.

“This is exactly where I wore this,” she says proudly. “I used to wear it roller skating.”

Also last week, Pejic showed off a festive-themed outfit she said her mom wore when she was a young adult. Recalling buying it when she was 18, her mom donned the scanty Santa two-piece and thigh-high boots again — which TikTok users loved.

“The apple ain’t fall far from the tree,” one user commented.

“SLEIGH,” another agreed.


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