The ‘White Noise’ trailer puts humor and tragedy in the same room

The ‘White Noise’ trailer puts humor and tragedy in the same room

Adam Driver, Don Cheadle, and Greta Gerwig join forces in Netflix’s White Noise, a whirling comedy-horror-drama blend with a trailer that will have you totally questioning your life. 

Based on the novel written by Don DeLillo, Noah Baumbach’s White Noise traces a modern blended family who is thrown into the midst of an apocalyptic disaster, testing their survival skills on the spot. While they manage to barely escape obstacles unscathed, the ragtag group never fails to remember that they’re a family first — which means bickering, joking, and always asking the world’s most pertinent questions. (Well? Do sheep have lashes, yes or no?!)

The conflict-heavy trailer will have audiences on the edge of their seats as this unique family dynamic bounces hysterically from homes to lakes and chaotic sanctuaries. Making it out alive seems as likely as taking a gamble. Will this family’s combined love and persistence be enough? Or will they succumb to the growing number of die-ers in their state?

White Noise debuts in select UK cinemas Dec. 2 and globally on Netflix Dec. 30.

Kyle McWilliams

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