Walmart’s PS5 Black Friday Bundle Is Available Once Again, Grab One Now     – CNET

Walmart’s PS5 Black Friday Bundle Is Available Once Again, Grab One Now – CNET

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As well as stellar savings, Walmart’s Black Friday deals brought along with them a chance to snag one of the most difficult-to-find gifts of 2022, the PlayStation 5. After going in and out of stock for the couple of days since the sale launched, we’re shocked to see that the PS5 bundle is once again available. This latest restock might not last very long, so it’s best to nab one now while you still can. Here’s what you need to know:

  • This is the PS5 console bundled with the PlayStation exclusive game God of War: Ragnarök
  • It’s available in two flavors: the high-end version (with Blu-ray drive) for $559, and the “digital” version of the PS5 (identical except for its lack of a Blu-ray drive) for $459. 
  • To be clear, both bundles offer only a $10 savings over buying the game and the console separately, but the win here is getting the PS5 along with the latest exclusive game included with your purchase. 
  • As of Wednesday morning, we’re seeing the more affordable digital version sold out, but the Blu-ray version still seems to be available. Some of us are seeing it as available online from Walmart, while others are seeing inventory at their local Walmart stores. Either way, it seems like you can still get at least one version of this PS5 bundle at list price, which is a big improvement from the past two holiday seasons. 

Note: If you click through and see prices higher than $559 and $459, respectively, it means that the Walmart’s stock has sold out and the listing has temporarily defaulted to a third-party reseller. We don’t recommend paying a steep markup for the PS5, as it’s more widely available now than it was last year.

Any other PS5 purchase options? 

You can reserve the PS5 at Amazon, which effectively puts you on a waiting list. Here’s how.

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