15 Best weighted hula hoops to help you get into shape in 2022

15 Best weighted hula hoops to help you get into shape in 2022

COMBINING a fun workout with core strength training, the best weighted hula hoops can help you tone tummy muscles and improve posture.

Plus, they make working out in your living room a whole lot more exciting.

 Specially designed weighted exercise hoops can help tone core muscles
Specially designed weighted exercise hoops can help tone core muscles

What is a weighted hula hoop?

As far as fitness challenges go, weighted hula hoops are having a major moment, gaining millions of views on TikTok with the hashtag #weightedhulahoop.

They are basically a heavier version of the plastic hoops you used to play with as children, and are designed to  be used for workouts.

Most hoops are padded for comfort and nearly all hoops break down so you can take them with you, too.

Weighted hula hoop benefits

There are lots of benefits to using weighted hula hoops.

Specially designed weighted exercise hoops can help tone core muscles and shape the waist, as well as improve flexibility.

It’s a pretty low impact exercise to try, and they also add some much-needed versatility and variation to your home workouts.

Plus, they’re remarkably good value – forget expensive gym equipment, it’s possible to get in a spin anywhere there’s space for it.

Here’s our ultimate list of the best weighted hula hoops you can get right now.

Weighted hula hoops at a glance:

Core Balance weighted hula hoop for adults

Capture 235
Credit: Amazon
  • Core Balance weighted hula hoop for adults, £19.99 from Amazon – buy here

Coming in at 98cm and 1kg, Core Balance’s weighted hula hoop is the perfect option for beginners, as it’s just challenging enough to give your body a true workout but the smooth design offers a lower-intensity workout.

It’s built with eight individual parts that you can disassemble and store easily.

Plus, it’s size adjustable if you need it smaller.

Dimensions: 98cm, Weight: 1kg, Material: Wipe clean foam padding


URMI weighted hula hoop

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  • URMI weighted hula hoop, £12.99 from Amazon – buy here

If you’re serious about at-home fitness, you’ll love that this weighted hula hoop.

The 2.6 pound kit features a pleasing ridged design and protective padding, and it’s easy to adjust the size.

It also includes a free 3m skipping rope – perfect for adding another fun element to your workout repertoire.

Dimensions: N/A, Weight: 2.6 pounds, Material: Foam

Ever Rich FitnessWave weighted hula hoop

Capture 241
Credit: Amazon
  • Ever Rich FitnessWave weighted hula hoop, £20 from Amazon – buy here

Cheap, cheerful, fun and easy to use, this weighted hula hoop weighs 1kg so it’s perfect if you’re new to the hula hooping scene.

The tubes are hollow inside and can be filled with rice and other things to adjust the weight as you progress.

It’s covered in a soft EVA foam and has a ridged design for gentle massaging.

Plus, it’s easy to collapse down for storage.

Dimensions: 42 x 16.5 x 8 cm, Weight: 1kg, Material: Foam

Opti weighted hula hoop

hula hoop intermediate e1565967712890
  • Opti weighted hula hoop, £22 from Argos – buy here

One for the seasoned hula hoopers among you, this 100cm Opti hula hoop is 1.8kg, making it more challenging than lighter hoops.

It can be easily built and disassembled from the six separate pieces.

Plus, it has a soft foam covering offering added comfort around your waist and hips.

Dimensions: 100 cm, Weight: 1.8kg, Material: Foam

ResultSport UK The Original weighted hula hoop

6118uh2nh S. AC SL1000
  • ResultSport UK The Original weighted hula hoop, £24.99 from Amazon – buy here 

Launched in 2008, ResultSport UK have been on the hula hooping scene long before it became cool.

Named The Original, the hoop weighs 1.2kg and is covered with a soft foam, making it the ideal entry-level hoop for beginners.

It’s made from eight sections, but can be constructed with seven for a smaller, lighter hoop that children aged 10 and above can use.

Dimensions: 100 cm, Weight: 1.2kg, Material: Plastic

Opti weighted hula hoop

Hula e1632904023291
  • Opti weighted hula hoop, £20 from Argos – buy here

Another option from reliable brand Opti, this colourful hula hoop collapses into six sections.

Weighing 1.25kg, with a diameter of 100cm, it’s the preferred choice for an older child or teen looking to integrate hula hooping into their fitness.

And like other hoops, this one comes with soft foam padding.

Dimensions: 100 cm, Weight: 1.25kg, Material: Foam

Flames and Games LED hula hoop

  • Flames and Games LED hula hoop, £39.99 from Flames and Games – buy here

Powered by two AA batteries (included) and complete with neon-bright LED lights, this option is one of the lightest hoops in our edit, weighing just 0.43kg.

Perfect for a fun, colourful workout, this hoop is not all style over substance – it’s evenly weighted and balanced to give you a smooth spin.

The spring button lock ensures the hoop doesn’t come apart, however fast you spin.
For travel, the hoop folds down to approximately half its size and has a diameter of 900mm.

Dimensions: 90 cm, Weight: 0.43kg, Material: HDPE material

Fitness Exercise magnetic massage weighted hula hoop

hoop e1632904074199
  • Fitness Exercise magnetic massaging hula hoop, £29.99 from J&Y Global – buy here

Want a more relaxing workout? The Fitness Exercise magnetic weighted hula hoop is the one to try.
Weighing approximately 1kg, the fitness hoop is equipped with 42 magnetic balls and 35 massaging balls, which give a massage-effect around your abdomen and waist area when in use.

The air-cushioning technology also provides a soft edge while the hoop can double up as a pilates ring.

It also includes a seven-part “turn lock”-system, for quick and easy assembly.

Dimensions: 102 cm, Weight: 1kg, Material: Plastic

Powerhoop Deluxe Weighted Hula Hoop 2.2kg

  • Powerhoop Deluxe package, £64.95 from Powerhoop – buy here

Powerhoop is one of the leading brands of weighted hula hoops in the UK.

The Powerhoop Deluxe package is a brilliant investment for anyone taking hula hoop workouts seriously.

The set includes the colourful Powerhoop hoop, which has a hard plastic outer layer to protect the hoop as well as shock-absorbing inner compression zones to protect the user.

The wave-angled design creates some variation in routine, depending on the direction you’re hooping, while visible buttons make assembly/disassembly a piece of cake.

The hoop weighs in at 1.6kg, but this set includes stainless steel inserts so you can upgrade the weights as you get stronger – eight additional weights will take the hoop up to 2.2kg in total.

The set also includes a carry bag, and a 30-day free trial to an on-demand weighted hula hoop platform, powerhooptv.com.

Dimensions: 102 cm, Weight: 1.6kg – 2.2kg, Material: Waterproof

Phoenix Fitness weighted foam hula hoop

phoenix fitness weighted foam hula hoop ry1008 3 e1632904149914
  • Phoenix Fitness weighted foam hula hoop, £14.99 from Phoenix Fitness buy here

With eight sections that you push and click to form the circle, this hoop is a fantastic way to enjoy yourself while getting into shape.

The hoop is made with a durable plastic core which is covered with soft EVA foam, making it comfortable and easy to clean while resisting bacteria and moisture from penetrating the surface.
With a weight of 1.1kg, the fitness ring will help maintain momentum for maximum effect.

Dimensions: 96 cm, Weight: 1.1kg, Material: EVA Foam

Dutison weighted hula hoop

download 1
  • Dutison weighted hula hoop, £11.51 from Amazon – buy here 

At 1kg, this Dutison hula hoop suits everyone, from beginner to professional, and will stick with you as you progress.

The hollow stainless steel inner tube is lightweight and can be filled with beans or steel balls, meaning you can customise the weight depending on how much you want to work in each session.

The outer is made from soft, thickened foam and there are eight detachable parts that easily click together.

Dimensions: N/A, Weight: 1kg, Material: Stainless steel

Nyamba Domyos weighted hula hoop

weighted hoop 14 kg
  • Nyamba Domyos weighted hula hoop, £14.99 from Decathlon – buy here 

One of the best value hoops on our list, this Domyos hoop is a solid option for beginners on a budget.

At 1.4kg, it’s more than heavy enough to pose a challenge to anyone starting out and it stores away easily, as each section is clicked together and can be taken apart.

For a less challenging workout, take out a section to reduce the diameter as the smaller the hoop, the easier the workout.

While it doesn’t have the additional padding and ability to increase in weight like other pricier hoops, this fuss-free option is still comfortable to use and an excellent starting point in your hooping journey.

Dimensions: N/A, Weight: 1.4kg, Material: Plastic

K-MART smart weighted hula hoop


  • K-MART smart weighted hula hoop, £19.95 from Amazon – buy here 

This clever hoop may not be the most attractive, but it’s definitely one of the most innovative in our edit.

To work it, you adjust the hoop to the size of your waist and, as you move, the gravity ball spins around. It removes the worry for newcomers that they won’t be able to keep the hoop up and it does the job as an exerciser too as fans say the workout is just as intense as a traditional hula hoop.

As an added extra, the soft rubber heads will also massage your muscles as you work.

Dimensions: N/A, Weight: 1.71kg, Material: Plastic

Proiron weighted hula hoop

  • Proiron weighted hula hoop, £26.99 from Amazon – buy here 

Recommended for intermediate hoopers, this hoop can be adjusted from six to eight sections depending on how you want it.

It has a slightly heavier weight of 1.8kg, so make sure you have a fair few hours of hooping under your belt before taking it for a spin.

It’s a smooth rather than wavy design and the soft foam padding will keep tummy bruises at bay.

Dimensions: N/A, Weight: 1.8kg, Material: Foam

Powerhoop Slim

powerhoop slim 884523
  • Powerhoop Slim, £19.95 from Powerhoop – buy here 

Another excellent offering from the makers of the universally popular Powerhoop Deluxe, the Powerhoop Slim is a smaller, lighter and more streamlined version of the hoop, perfect for first-time users or teens.

Weighing 1.4kg it’s not an easy ride, but its smooth surface and high-density foam padding make it the perfect gateway to a heavier hoop.

It also includes a three minute instructional video to kick-start your hooping journey.

Dimensions: 8 links, Weight: 1.2kg – 2.4kg, Material: Foam

Do weighted hula hoops work?

Any sort of aerobic activity will help you meet your fitness goals and a weighted hula hoop is a great tool to do that in a fun way.

In a 30-minute hula hooping session, women burn on average 165 calories, while men can burn about 200 calories in the same time.

And if you are using a weighted hoop correctly for at least a few minutes per day, you will inevitably be improving your core strength and burning calories.

Is weighted hula hooping a good workout?

Yes, hula hooping is a brilliant low-impact workout – it gets your body moving and your heart pumping, which is always a good thing.

Many converts use the evenings to get in a hula hoop workout – it’s the perfect exercise to do while watching TV.

Because it’s low-impact, it doesn’t put a lot of strain on your body as you’re doing it, so it’s a safe exercise for a wide range of people. And as it’s a cardio workout, it’ll also increase your fitness level and burn fat over time.

How heavy should a weighted hula hoop be?

To start with, a hoop weighing 1kg and below is plenty – a lighter hoop will help you learn the technique and finesse your form. If you’re still struggling, get a wider hoop, which will rotate less and be easier to keep up.

Once you have mastered the hip swinging motion to keep up a hoop, you can very gradually increase the weight for added resistance, which will safely build core strength and muscle tone.

The hula hoop market has rapidly expanded in the last few years and the number of very heavy hoops on sale has followed. But be wary of hoops that are too heavy as they can do more damage to your body than good.

The goal of hula hooping exercise is not to keep increasing the weight of the hoop, but to be able to go for longer with a weighted hoop that’s right for your level. This will naturally increase your fitness levels, muscle tone and core strength without putting a dangerous strain on your body.

How much are weighted hula hoops?

The cheapest weighted hula hoops start at around £14.99 and the vast majority are under £40, depending on the brand and the features on offer.

For non-weighted hoops (like the ones you played with in the playground), the price is much cheaper.

Where to buy weighted hula hoops

Hula hooping is having a serious moment right now and most high street fitness shops should stock a least one or two different types.

If you’re just giving it a go for the first time, you’ll find a great range on Amazon to suit any budget.

Plus, there are some great value hoops at Argos – and Decathlon, which stocks the great value Nyamba hoop for just £14.99.

If you want to step it up a gear, Powerhoop currently has a sale on – so you can find a selection of hoops ranging from £19.95 to £84.95.

We like the Powerhoop Slim package – recommended to try before advancing to the Powerhoop Deluxe and currently reduced to £32.95.

What to look for in a weighted hula hoop

Firstly check the weight of the hoop – 1kg is great for beginners, while 1.8kg is best suited for serious hip swingers.

Do you want a smooth or ridged design? Ridged is reportedly good for circulation and some argue it’s more effective at tummy-toning and strengthening the core, but it does take longer to get used to, with more stomach bruising.

Smooth hoops on the other hand, while still a major challenge, are easier for your body to get used to.

Check how thick the foam padding is surrounding the hoop as this will also have a bearing on how comfortable it is to use – the thinner the foam, the more you will feel each rotation.

Find out what the actual hoop is made from – metal hoops will retain their shape and last longer, while plastic ones tend to break more easily, although they’re a lot more affordable.

Also, consider the width of hoop – wider hoops gain more momentum, so they’re easier to keep up. Your height also has a bearing on this decision as you’ll generally need a wider hoop the taller you are.

How to use a weighted hula hoop

It might take a little bit of time to get used to using a weighted hula hoop, but with a bit of practice, you’ll be hula hooping like a pro in no time.

If you’re a beginner, we’d recommend choosing a lighter hula hoop to get started.

  1. Put the hula hoop around your waist, and hold it against your back
  2. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, back straight and core engaged
  3. Start rocking your hips back and forth
  4. Spin the hula hoop in whichever direction feels most comfortable
  5. Rock your hips forwards as the hoop passes your belly, and backwards as it passes your back

Are weighted hula hoops safe?

In a word – yes. But like with any type of exercise or fitness equipment, if weighted hula hoops are used incorrectly there can be risks.

If you’re a beginner, it’s important to take it easy when you first start your hula hooping regime. The biggest risks are when newcomers use hoops that are too heavy and they work too hard and for too long. The strain of having to keep up a heavy hoop can impact your body negatively and cause bruising.

So it’s best to start with a lightweight hoop and slowly build up to something heavier if you wish.

Keep sessions short to start with – 20 minutes is plenty for your first few trys, and as your strength and ability improves, you can increase the duration.


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