Sean Hannity Makes Wild Assumptions About Dems After GOP Senate Fail

Sean Hannity Makes Wild Assumptions About Dems After GOP Senate Fail

Fox News host Sean Hannity, despite having lent his support to unsuccessful Senate candidates Mehmet Oz and Herschel Walker, asserted Wednesday that Democrats are “not as interested in” candidate quality when compared to Republicans.

Taking to the air twenty-four hours after Walker lost the Georgia runoff, providing Democrats with a 51-49 edge in the Senate for the next two years, Hannity offered what was essentially a post-mortem on the GOP’s lackluster midterm showing, similar to what “pissed” Laura Ingraham had to say on Tuesday. After mentioning early voting and ballot harvesting, Hannity admitted that while Democrats have embraced each, that same cannot be said for the GOP.

“Right now we need to work within the system as it exists, because Democrats [are] playing a very different game on Election Day and the days leading up to Election Day than Republicans are,” Hannity said before shifting gears.

“Democrats are not as interested in the quality of a candidate, or holding rallies, or exciting voters, or kissing babies, or shaking hands, or going to fairs,” he claimed. Democrats “are hiding, they’re avoiding debates, they’re avoiding their adoring media fans. They are raising hundreds of millions of dollars. They are using those on negative ads against Republicans.”

Hannity then characterized Democrats’ campaigns as geared toward a “ballot game” as opposed to “vote game,” although the difference between the two he left murky.

“Democrats are only interested in getting their hands on enough ballots that they believe will put them over the top to win an election,” he claimed. “That means big ballot harvesting operations. That meets big early voting numbers. That means big mail-in ballots for Democrats, and a huge disadvantage for Republicans. It’s obvious.”

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