GOP Chair Flails When Fox Host Grills Her on Trump’s Midterm Failures

GOP Chair Flails When Fox Host Grills Her on Trump’s Midterm Failures

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel seemed somewhat taken aback on Monday when Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney grilled her over the responsibility former President Donald Trump bears for the GOP’s disappointing midterm election results.

“You know, I don’t like this,” an exasperated McDaniel said at one point.

After the expected “red tsunami” in last month’s statewide and national elections failed to materialize, Republicans have looked to point the blame at both Trump and GOP leaders. While conservative media—especially Fox and other Murdoch outlets—have ripped the ex-president for backing inexperienced candidates and embracing toxic extremists, McDaniel has also found herself under fire for the GOP’s middling performance.

During an appearance on Fox Business Network’s Varney and Co., McDaniel was first pressed on the challenges to her RNC leadership position, specifically from famed right-wing attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

“Well, I think I’ve provided a lot of change under my leadership. I’m always open to new ideas and ways to move forward,” she told Varney, adding: “What I’ll say, Stuart, is we had consistent leadership for six years. I brought a lot of change to the RNC and we’ll continue to do that. You have to keep that going if we’re successful in 2024.”

Varney, a former Trump acolyte who has grown increasingly critical of the former president, then wondered if McDaniel would be willing to admit that Trump deserves to shoulder some of the blame over the midterms.

“Would you publicly say Donald Trump bears any responsibility for some of the losses in the midterm elections? Would you say that publicly?” Varney asked the RNC leader.

“You know, I don’t like this,” she groused. “I don’t like this parceling out.”

She went on to note that Trump did support some swing-state Senate candidates who squeaked out victories, such as Ted Budd in North Carolina. McDaniel also suggested that the recent Supreme Court decision overturning the federal right to an abortion played a major role in the GOP’s performance.

“Here is the one thing I think people should be talking about—the amount of ticket-splitting. The amount of Republicans that went out and voted for a Republican at the top of the ticket,” she said.

“Look at Arizona, the top vote-getter is a Republican. Look at Georgia. We had eight of nine statewide races won by Republicans. But why are Republicans voting for one Republican and not the other?” McDaniel added, prompting the Fox host to interject.

“Trump! Isn’t that the answer to your question?” Varney declared as McDaniel continued to speak. “You actually posed a question. The answer is Trump, isn’t it?”

The GOP chairwoman, however, still refused to place any blame on Trump.

“I’m saying, I’m not into the blame game right now,” she stammered. “I think we have to do analysis. I think it is too quick.”

She concluded by insisting that the “infighting within our party is never going to help that” while stating that the GOP needs “Trump voters” just as much as it needs “McCain voters” and “Romney voters” if it wants to beat Democrats.

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