I was thrilled when I saw my dad had bought me a Dyson for Christmas – until I realised his total fail

I was thrilled when I saw my dad had bought me a Dyson for Christmas – until I realised his total fail

MOST of us woke up this morning, hoping our loved ones had got our various hints about what we wanted to see under the Christmas tree. 

But one TikTokker didn’t realise her clues weren’t quite clear enough until she opened her present from her dad. 

Tale received a different Dyson to the one she'd asked for - and people are finding her dad's fail hilarious
Tale received a different Dyson to the one she’d asked for – and people are finding her dad’s fail hilariousCredit: Tiktok – @talelindblom

Tale, known online as @talelindblom, regularly shares hair and beauty tips with her 59,000 followers. 

In a recent video, the beauty pro shared her dad’s total fail – and people are finding it hilarious. 

“Told my dad I wanted a Dyson for Christmas, but I did not specify which one.” 

During the six-second video, Tale is seen holding a cordless Dyson hoover, worth more than £499. 


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She hints that instead, she was after the viral Dyson Airwrap Multi-styler, used for drying and curling hair, priced at £404.99. 

Fans loved the present fail, with the video gaining more than 860,000 likes and 5.6 million views. 

In the comments, the content creator’s followers shared their reactions, with one writing: “Mission failed successfully.” 

Another said: “A win is a win.” 

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A third added: “Aw he’s so sweet tbh we know he tried.”

Others claimed Tale had received the better Dyson, with one commenting: “I have both and vacuum is life-changing.”

Someone else put: “I have never used my Dyson air wrap since buying it but my Dyson vacuum I cannot live without [it].”

She’s not the only one that didn’t get quite what she wanted – one mum ordered the completely wrong gift when trying to order some Thomas the Tank Engine merchandise. 

Posting in the FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS Facebook group, the anonymous mum shared the ‘Fat Controller’ that turned up on her doorstep. 

Rather than the slightly chubby conductor character from the beloved TV show, the mum had received a piece of cooking equipment.

The fat controller pads are designed to be used on an oven grill to drain fat from meat for “healthier cooking.”

Captioning the snap, she wrote: “Be careful when buying Thomas the Tank engine stuff this Christmas, this was not what I was expecting.”

Her post has since received almost a thousand likes and hundreds of comments from fellow group members who were left in hysterics.


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