His Dark Materials fans left open-mouthed after character’s shocking betrayal as they search for Lyra

His Dark Materials fans left open-mouthed after character’s shocking betrayal as they search for Lyra

FANS of His Dark Materials have been left open-mouthed at Coulter’s shocking deception and betrayal of estranged partner Asriel.

The third series of the BBC hit continued tonight as Will and Lyra continued on their mission to the Land of the Dead.

Coulter makes a big decision
Coulter makes a big decision
Asriel is left reeling after the events
Asriel is left reeling after the events

However as Lyra embarked on her own journey, Coulter (Ruth Wilson) was growing increasingly concerned as she revealed that Lyra was in serious danger of being harmed and killed and begged for her father Asriel, played by James McAvoy, to help.

With Coulter and Asriel on bad terms, she had to prove herself to him by saying that she will help Asriel if he spared her from being tied and chained up as his prisoner, and as such he agrees to help in the search to find and protect Lyra.

However decpetion and lies are always around the corner and soon the newly formed alliance already began to break down.

After Coulter opted to not inform Asriel of her knowlegde of the broken knife, currently in the possession of Will, Asriel confronted her and pointed out her dishonesty.

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After an exchange of words, Asriel told her that he is no longer protecting Lyra or searching for her – causing great upset to Coulter.

Despite this, amongst the many twists and turns, Coulter and Asriel appeared to put their differences behind them again as he showed her his angel prisoner, Alarbos.

In dramatic fashion, Asriel tortured the angel as it screamed as Asriel demands that it take a message to Metatron.

He screamed: “I am here!”

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Upon witnessing his maniacal tendencies, Coulter has had enough and decided it was time to turn on Asreil once and for all.

As she snook off, she managed to steal the Intention Craft in a bid to find Lyra, ruining Asriel and his gang’s plans in the process.

As they pointed their guns at Coulter in the aircraft, she looked over at them once more before quietly saying: “Goodbye, Asriel.”

With this, she disappeared into the ether as Asriel’s behaviours and intentions are called into question.

Fans of the fantasy drama were left stunned at home as Coulter stuck up for herself.

One said: “Great scene that between Asriel and Mrs Coulter #HisDarkMaterials #JoinIn.”

Another added: “The power the scenes between Ruth and James hold cannot be measured on any scale #HisDarkMaterials.”

While a third commented: “These Marisa and Asriel scenes have me in a chokehold #HisDarkMaterials.”

His Dark Materials airs Sundays at 7pm on BBC One.

A shock betrayal rocked the characters
A shock betrayal rocked the charactersCredit: BBC


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