Jeremy Renner’s snowplow seized to rule out ‘mechanical failure’

Jeremy Renner’s snowplow seized to rule out ‘mechanical failure’

Police have seized the 6.5 tonne snowplow that crushed Marvel star Jeremy Renner to rule out any “mechanical failure.”

“The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office is in possession of his PistonBully and we are analyzing it to rule out any potential mechanical failure of why it may have started to roll,” Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam said at a Tuesday press conference.

“This is part of our normal investigation process for any major investigation,” the sheriff continued.

Renner, 51, was badly injured Sunday morning after using a PistonBully snowcat to tow one of his vehicles abandoned in heavy snow near his remote ranch outside Reno, officials said.

The Oscar nominated actor suffered “extreme difficulty” breathing and was bleeding heavily from his head, with the right side of his chest collapsed and his upper torso crushed by the snowcat, according to a 911 log obtained by TMZ.

A representative for Renner said he suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries.

A picture of the snowcat
Police had seized the PistonBully that crushed Jeremy Renner to investigate the 14,000 plus pound machine for “mechanical failure.”
Jeremey Renner

Reached for comment Thursday morning, officials at the sheriff’s office told The Post there were no updates on the investigation of the seized equipment.

Lars Mintz, a ski lift operator and maintenance worker at nearby Sky Tavern ski resort, told The Post Wednesday the machine’s brakes might have been faulty.

“If it didn’t stop, it was probably a brake malfunction,” the 23-year-old explained. “You put it in park and you lock the e-brake. It’s not like a transmission — it’s a hydraulic pump, which turns off the power to move the tracks forward.”

Renner was severely injured during the accident.
Renner was severely injured during the accident.
Instagram / @jeremyrenner

“Maybe he forgot to set his brake,” Mintz said of Renner.

Mintz said the PistenBully at his ski resort is used for both snow moving and grooming.

“These things are very dangerous,” he warned.

Meanwhile, the “Hawkeye” actor basked in some TLC from his mother and sister after a “not no great” day in the ICU unit Thursday.

On Thursday morning, the battered “Avengers” star shared some encouraging news to stunned fans and supporters, posting a picture of himself getting a scalp massage under a surgical head covering in his hospital room while using assisted breathing equipment.

“A ‘not no great’ ICU DAY, turned to amazing spa day with my sis and mama. Thank you sooooo much,” Renner’s tweet read, three days after he emerged from a surgical procedure in critical condition.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office announced the seizure of Renner's snowplough.
The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office announced the seizure of Renner’s snowplough.
New York Post

Renner told fans he had taken his “first shower” but was “definitely weak,” as loved ones giggled and offered supportive comments in the background.

The clip had been seen some 1.5 million times less than two hours after it was posted.

Renner had been helping his neighbors in the Mt. Rose community above Lake Tahoe dig out from three feet of snow on New Year’s Day, when “tragedy” struck, according to officials, who ruled out foul play or inebriation as a cause of the accident.

An overhead look at Renner's mountain property
The accident happened New Year’s Day on Renner’s mountain property outside Reno, Nevada.
New York Post

He had just finished towing his own car with the “extremely large piece of snow removal equipment” when he got out of the PistonBully to talk to a family member, Balaam said.

At that point, the snowcat started to roll towards Renner, who was crushed as he tried to get back into the driver’s seat to slam on the brakes.

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