I blew £800 on Jimmy Choo heels & it was a fail, trolls say they’re a waste of money & they’re totally right

I blew £800 on Jimmy Choo heels & it was a fail, trolls say they’re a waste of money & they’re totally right

IT’S the pair of heels that broke the internet – the iconic Jimmy Choo with the adorable bow detailing.

But despite having forked out a fortune of a whopping £800, one high-end fashionista’s warned others to not waste their money on this pricey number.

The fashion fan was clearly struggling to walk with her pricey heels
The fashion fan was clearly struggling to walk with her pricey heelsCredit: TikTok/@carriewuofficial

Carrie Wu (@carriewuofficial) claimed that despite paying a high sum for the shoes, they were so uncomfortable, she could barely walk in them properly, let alone gracefully.

In fact, the pink pair was so painful to stumble around, the fashion lover described it as ”a tripping hazard”.

Just to prove her point, Carrie uploaded a video on TikTok demonstrating how she was struggling to move with them.

”I felt like a cat with tape on my paws. The things we do to look cute,” she chuckled in the comments.

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Although she did insist the shoes were ”gorgeous”, Carrie agreed with everyone who reckoned they were not worth the hefty price tag.

She claimed that this is because the heels kept getting stuck in the bow, making for a wobbly walk.

”Gorgeous. Just not practical,” she concluded, adding that wearing them was certainly not worth ”a black eye”.

Although some remained hopeful that she would soon learn how to rock these effortlessly, others were convinced the stunning footwear was for posing only.

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”Girl wear them to go to dinner sit down, then go to your car then go home lol. That is all,” one chuckled.

Someone else claimed they had the same experience with their Jimmy Choo footwear, writing: ”They hurts like hell ! I have the sandal version i wore them for exactly 15 min.”

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”These are for standing and taking photos only,” a third reckoned.

Meanwhile, amongst the 1.7million viewers there were also those who thought the pink heels had a slightly tacky appearance.

”Apparently money doesn’t buy taste,” read a comment that’s been like over 80 times.

But if you thought that buying cheaper heels would be a safer option, you’re wrong – one Shein fan learnt it the hard way.

Although there have been countless customer wins, such as their £18 trousers that are perfect for petite women, not everyone’s had the best experience with the China-based retailer.

Recently, we saw one woman turn into a Christmas tree after buying what she thought was a cute khaki set, whilst another had her heels snap off during a night-out.

Now, amongst the list of fails, we also have Akira joining.

The 21-year-old beauty enthusiast, from North Carolina, took to TikTok after her shopping haul went horribly wrong.

Looking to replenish her wardrobe, Akira went on the company’s website, where she stumbled across a sexy pair of red knee-high heeled boots.

Priced at just £30, Akira didn’t think twice and bagged the footwear immediately, patiently waiting for the new item to be delivered.

But upon trying it on, the young woman was mortified, when she realised the heel shorter than expected.

The unfortunate design, which was advertised by the brand, meant that the pointy toes were slanted upwards and the boots were impossible to walk in.

”Shein, count your days,” Akira captioned the now-viral video, demonstrating how the footwear looked on.

”W*f am I supposed to do with these?

”I guess you really get what you pay for,” she said, describing the heels as red chilli peppers.

The clip, though an unfortunate experience for Akira, has left social media users in stitches, many of whom flocked to comments.

One chuckled saying this will become a high-end designer trend next year: ”Balenciaga in 2023.”

Another called these ”them chili peppa steppas” whilst a second’s nickname for the heels was ”the Elf on a Shelf 1s”.

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