I’m a mum but have a long list of names I HATE – they might be popular but even the concept of one is utterly stupid

I’m a mum but have a long list of names I HATE – they might be popular but even the concept of one is utterly stupid

A MUM has taken to TikTok to share the long list of baby names she hates – and it’s bad news if you named your kid after a TV character. 

Liz, known online as @xliz.cx, regularly shares entertaining content with her 11,600 followers. 

Liz took to TikTok to share the baby names she hates - including Navaeh, Jude and Octavia
Liz took to TikTok to share the baby names she hates – including Navaeh, Jude and OctaviaCredit: TikTok/@xliz.cx/video
She also wasn't a fan of names that could be titles, or ones from TV characters
She also wasn’t a fan of names that could be titles, or ones from TV charactersCredit: TikTok/@xliz.cx/video

In a new video, the ‘boy mum’ explains why she feels so strongly about some popular names like Jude, Octavia and Khalessi. 

She said: “I thought I would give you my list of baby names that I absolutely can’t stand. 

“So two disclaimers. First one, I have two kids and I’m aware that my kids’ names probably aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and I’m sure they’ve ended up on a few of these lists and that is fine. 

“Second disclaimer, I really don’t give a s*** what you name your child, this is just my opinion.” 


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The first name Liz claims to hate is Navaeh, which also happens to be Heaven backwards. 

She added: “First, start off strong with Nevaeh. I know this is on literally everyone’s list, but I just have to mention it because I find the principle even stupid. 

“People think the principle’s cute, I don’t. 

“We’re not calling our kid laptop backwards, cloud backwards, nothing else backwards so why would you do heaven backwards? 

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“It isn’t cute, and secondly I swear half of the Navaeh’s I know, it’s spelt wrong. Like it’s V E A H, which isn’t even heaven backwards so it’s just a bad name. Has to go.”

Liz also doesn’t like it when parents add extra letters to names to give them a unique spelling. 

She continues: “Second one, anything that spelt wrong or with unnecessary letters, like Aaliyah or Aliviyah. 

“Like no, think about every time you get a government call or a bank call, or you have to fill in one of those boxes and someone has to call out your name. 

“They’re going to be like, ‘how do you spell that?’ And this is what you’re going to have to say. 

“No, not cute. It’s got to go. 

“Thirdly, Octavia. Look, I’ve seen this a lot but honestly, I’m sorry, all I can think about is [an] octopus. 

“No, that’s not cute. It has to go. 

“Fourthly, anything that isn’t pronounced the way it’s spelt, like Abcde or La-a. 

“I feel like this doesn’t need an explanation, like why are you doing that to your child? Why?

“Okay, fifth one. Arlo, Harlow, Halo. Any names like that. 

“They’ve got to go for the pure reason that can you imagine if your child becomes the president or the prime minister or like a monarch or anything, like President Halo, President Arlo. 

“No, that’s not the name for an adult so it just can’t be the name for a child. Sorry. 

“Number six, names from movies or TV shows like Khaleesi, Anakin, Harley, things like that. 

“Especially Khalessi, I see that a lot, or Anakin. 

“Firstly, the show or the movie is not going to be popular when your child is older, and secondly, even if it was, like why are you doing that? Why are you choosing such a niche, obscure name? No.” 

Other names are criticised because of how they will be perceived when the child is older. 

She explains: “Number seven, nature names that go too far. Forest, Wolf or Fox. 

“Like can you imagine a businessman, like going into business with a man called Fox or Forest? 

“That is not a name somebody can survive in the world with, it just has to go. 

“Number eight, names that don’t belong on babies or children. Betty, Larry, Bertha, Grant, Graham. 

“Can you imagine a cute baby Bertha?  Do you want to pinch Larry’s cheeks? No, you don’t. 

“That’s not cute. It’s got to go. 

“Number nine, Princess, Prince, King, Lord. 

“Like, I just don’t understand. There’s so many other names in the world that are actually names, but you’ve got to give your child a complex by naming them something that’s a title. 

“Don’t understand. It’s got to go. 

“Number 10, Jude. I feel like this one is a little harsh and people might not get it, but I just can’t stand the name Jude. 

“I just don’t like the name Jude. 

“Anyway, that’s my opinion, that’s my ten.”

Fans loved the mum-of-two’s honestly, with the video gaining more than 27,800 likes and 364,000 views. 

In the comments, Liz’s followers shared names they don’t like, with one writing: “You missed Renesmee.”

Liz replied: “Worst name, 0/10 and defs belongs under ‘movie and TV show characters’.”

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Another said: “You forgot designer brand names like Armani, chanel and Gucci I’ve looked after kids with these names too.”

A third added: “I hate adding -mae to a name. Like Abbie-mae Lily-mae. It’s cute but my sons class has seven girls with -mae.”


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