Your Social Security Benefit Statement, Explained     – CNET

Your Social Security Benefit Statement, Explained – CNET

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Tax season is right around the corner, and individual tax return filers can begin submitting their returns to the Internal Revenue Service on Jan. 23. If you’re a Social Security beneficiary looking to file your taxes early this year, you’ll need your Social Security benefits document to do so. 

Keep an eye out for it in the mail or online through the My Social Security account

Every January, the federal government sends out the Social Security Benefit Statement to recipients. If you receive Social Security benefits, you’ll need this essential statement to file your 2022 taxes this year, so don’t throw it away. But if you already did, we also explain how you can get a replacement. 

We’ll also explain what the statement tells you and why it’s essential you keep it in a safe place during tax season. 

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What is the Social Security Benefits Statement? 

The Social Security Benefits Statement, also known as Form SSA-1099, shows you the benefit amount you earned last year. (Noncitizens living outside the US receive SSA-1042S instead.) The statement provides beneficiaries with information they can use when they complete their federal tax return. 

The Social Security Administration has been sending out this form annually since 1999, according to the SSA’s website. Supplemental Security Income recipients do not receive these statements. 

What should I use the statement for? 

The statement helps you find out whether your benefits are subject to tax. You’ll use this form when you or a tax preparer prepares your taxes. 

When should I expect to receive this form?

Sometime this month you will receive it by mail or through your My Social Security online account.

I misplaced my benefits statement. What should I do?

US residents can get a replacement form SSA-1099 by visiting their My Social Security online account and requesting a replacement. After you’ve logged in to your account, find the link that says “Replace Your Tax Form SSA-1099/SSA-1042.” You can begin to request this starting Feb. 1, according to the SSA’s website. If you live outside the US, the SSA recommends contacting your Federal Benefits Unit. 

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