Love Island fans brand show ‘rigged’ as star reveals shocking details of what they don’t show on TV

Love Island fans brand show ‘rigged’ as star reveals shocking details of what they don’t show on TV

LOVE Island fans have claimed the show is “rigged” after former contestant Brad McClelland dropped a huge behind-the-scenes secret.

Brad – who appeared on the ITV2 dating show in 2021 – revealed that producers would often “walk around” the villa, but it was never shown on TV.

Love Island's Brad McClelland dropped a major villa secret
Love Island’s Brad McClelland dropped a major villa secretCredit: Rex
Brad said producers would 'walk around' the villa and orchestrate chats
Brad said producers would ‘walk around’ the villa and orchestrate chatsCredit: Rex

The Northumberland lad explained that producers would orchestrate some conversations and arguments.

“This is the mad thing because people didn’t realise, there’s a producer also in that villa with you, walking around, they’re actually really good craic,” he said on Chat S**t Get Cancelled podcast.

“But obviously, they’re never in shot.

“Sometimes you would be having conversations with someone and they’d come up on the tannoy like ‘Brad and Jake, could you go and have that conversation over there.”


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He continued: “On the way to the beach hut there would actually be a producer there and the producer would be like, ‘Oh, you’re not actually going to the beach hut, we’ve actually pulled you in here because we think it would be good if you went and pulled blah blah blah for a chat to discuss this, that and the other’.”

Love Island fans were stunned by the shock revelation and hit out at the show for being a “fix”.

One wrote: “I knew they like scripted it but I didn’t think it was like that.”

“Didn’t think it was that set up,” a second posted.

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A third suggested: “Producers see stuff that not all the islanders see they make it easier for them.”

“All rigged,” someone else echoed.

While another commented: “And people are still going to go on there regardless!”

The Sun have contacted ITV for comment.

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