Most companies claim they aren’t seeing any benefits from using cloud

Most companies claim they aren’t seeing any benefits from using cloud

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A recent PwC report (opens in new tab) has found that many businesses are still struggling to get to grips with the cloud despite adoption being reasonably high.

The company’s latest Cloud Business Survey found that almost eight in 10 (78%) business executives had adopted the cloud in almost all parts of their business. However, they’re still struggling to realize results.

Just like in 2021, the majority of the businesses surveyed in 2022 did not meet their targets of cutting costs, improving resilience, and driving new revenue.

Cloud use in business

Only a small number of businesses had dived into the deep end, according to the results, with just 10% of the responding executives saying that they had reinvented their businesses through the cloud.

By doing this, the successful companies had managed to realize their goals twice as fast as the other businesses, seeing a revenue growth of at least 15%.

The PwC study also uncovered four of the key things that cloud-successful businesses are doing that put them ahead of the game, in an effort to help less au fait companies catch up.

In terms of adoption, the report highlights that there’s no one-size-fits-all linear approach, but rather that companies should apply the methods that make the strongest business cases for them individually. 

Also of great importance is the collaboration of the so-called C-suite – the top-tier managers and executives. Making sure that all aspects of the company are on board and in agreement is crucial.

It’s clear that data, too, is at the center of cloud-powered companies, which have a streamlined approach with clear governance structures. Finally, embedding trust into the operations is vital; this can be done by considering potential risks and creating the necessary action plans.

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