Seth Meyers Mocks Fox News’ ‘Dumbest’ Chinese Spy Balloon Speculation

Seth Meyers Mocks Fox News’ ‘Dumbest’ Chinese Spy Balloon Speculation

While the entire news media was consumed by a Chinese spy balloon that the Biden Administration ultimately shot out of the sky over the weekend, Seth Meyers noted on Monday that it was an “especially big hit” on Fox News, whose “human news balloons could not stop obsessing over it.”

“An entire network became obsessed with a balloon like a five year old at a birthday party,” the Late Night host said, joking that President Biden should have announced that he had invited the balloon to appear in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade “just to screw” with Fox News.

“The speculation on the right got so fevered and out of control that the Republicans and Fox personalities started taking wild guesses about what might be inside the balloon,” Meyers added, sharing clips of hosts like Jesse Watters and Maria Bartiromo wondering aloud about whether it could have contained a new virus or “surveillance products powered by solar energy.”

But the “dumbest speculation,” he said, was the “incessant questioning over and over of why Biden wouldn’t just shoot down the balloon” while it was still over American soil, going so far as to suggest that it was connected in some way to Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“That’s right, they think Biden waited to shoot down the balloon, not because the debris might crash on land and potentially cause harm and destruction to Americans, but because of Hunter Biden’s laptop,” Meyers said in disbelief. “As far as I’m aware, the only balloon associated with Hunter’s laptop is the balloon who found it,” he added, cutting to a photo of Rudy Giuliani.

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