‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant stuns audience with answer fail: ‘What!’

‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant stuns audience with answer fail: ‘What!’

You said “What!?”

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant was one letter away from a trip to Antigua when she appeared to “zone out” and miss an obvious letter to complete the answer during Monday night’s episode.

A shocked audience member broke one of the show’s rules and could be heard yelling, “What!”, in the background after the contestant made the error.

The “Teen Week” contestant named Khushi correctly guessed the letter “H” but had to fill in one more space on the board to complete the Food & Drink category.

“FRE_H TROPICAL FRUIT,” the nearly completed puzzle read.

“Solve it or spin it, or… but do something quickly,” legendary “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak said to Khushi.

Khushi nervously agreed to spin the wheel when the helm lands on a space right next to the $650 prize mark.

“I’ll go with a G,” Khushi hesitantly says before the “wrong answer” buzzer goes off and an audience member interjects.

The contestant right after Khushi, whose name is Juliana, ultimately guessed the correct letter “S” to solve the puzzle as “Fresh Tropical Fruit” for the win.

“A “G”??? Really?!” one Twitter user said about the mind-boggling moment.

“Seriously. How did she even qualify?, another Twitter user scorned.

Though, Khushi’s error is just another tack on to the memorable moments in the show’s history.

Host Sajak was slammed by a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant last month when they incorrectly guessed a phrase to the puzzle as well.

The contestant, Ben Tucker, was upset when he argued that “taking a jog” was one of the answers for the Fun & Games category.

“See, I don’t consider jogging fun and games,” he said, followed by his sarcastic “thumbs up” gesture after.


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