Tipping Point fans left pulling their hair out by contestant’s outrageous blunder

Tipping Point fans left pulling their hair out by contestant’s outrageous blunder

TIPPING Point fans were left outraged after a contestant made a right royal blunder.

ITV show contestant Rosie was part of the team which was put under the spotlight on Tuesday’s episode.

Rose guessed a history question
Rose guessed a history questionCredit: ITV
Ben laughs at Rosie ridiculous answer
Ben laughs at Rosie ridiculous answerCredit: ITV
Rosie battles it out with Alex and Lesley
Rosie battles it out with Alex and LesleyCredit: ITV

Yet the Tipping Point star, who arrived on-set in a copper brown jumper, was left stumped when Ben Shephard asked a history question.

Ben asked: “Mary of Teck was the wife of which British monarch who reigned from 1910-1936?”

Rosie, who appeared perplexed, replied: “Henry VIII.”

Her laugh after giving the answer hinted it was a guess.

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Ben also laughed but said: “He’s a king at least,” before revealing the correct answer being King George V.

Fans were quick to react, with one taking to Twitter to write: “1910 – 1936 Henry VIII Oh f*** off!!”

Another exclaimed: “HENRY THE EIGHTH?!”

A third penned: “Rosie. Not only a triple passer, but thinks Henry VIII was king between 1910 and 1936.”

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Despite her royal blunder, Rosie performed admirably on the show and joined Alex in the penultimate round.

But sadly, her efforts weren’t enough to see her through to the final and instead Alex landed the spot.

Previously, Tipping Point fans slammed a blonde contestant for their irritating habit.

Others were transfixed by one contestant’s outfit choice as he opted to wear a bright shirt that attracted all the attention.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.


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