German ice cream parlor introduces cricket-flavored scoops

German ice cream parlor introduces cricket-flavored scoops

Forget that summertime favorite “bug juice,” a German eatery is adding bugs to ice cream — crickets, to be exact

Eiscafé Rino in the southern city of Rottenburg introduced cricket-flavored ice cream topped with the dried insects themselves this week.

Owner Thomas Micolin created the delicacy, and proudly posed with it on Instagram. “We’ve literally been inundated with… lots of criticism, lots of compliments, lots of surprises and lots of curiosity about our new cricket flour ice cream!” he said in the post.

He said he worked on the confection all winter, creating it on a bet and didn’t introduce it “without fear of repercussion.”

“It’s a small message for the food that could be the future,” Micolino said.

He told the German news agency dpa that he wants to “try everything.”

Ice-cream topped with dried insects.
The owner of the ice cream store Thomas Micolin worked on the recipe the whole winter. Since being released, his creation already received both criticism and praise.

“I’ve eaten a lot of things, including a lot of strange things, and crickets were something I still wanted to try, also in the form of ice cream.”

The recipe consists of cricket flour, heavy cream, vanilla extract and honey.

Although he admits the unusual frozen treat has already garnered “lots of criticism,” there are also many daring consumers who give the flavor a taste.

“Those who try it are very enthusiastic,” Micolino told the outlet. “I have customers who come here every day and buy a scoop.”

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