Shocking moment West Ham thug ‘sniffs white powder off man’s head’ during match at London Stadium

Shocking moment West Ham thug ‘sniffs white powder off man’s head’ during match at London Stadium

THIS is the shocking moment a West Ham thug “sniffs white powder off another man’s head” during a match at London Stadium.

The deplorable video was uploaded to social media and appeared to show the horrible antics of mad Irons fans.

White contents is sprinkled on a West Ham fan's head
White contents is sprinkled on a West Ham fan’s headCredit: Facebook
Another fan is then seen to snort what appears to be powder
Another fan is then seen to snort what appears to be powderCredit: Facebook

Images showed one bald man getting what appears to be white powder sprinkled on his shiny scalp.

Another hooligan then snorts the contents.

The images come from a video that was posted on Facebook.

In the clip, laughter can be heard from other people in the stands as one fan said: “Wheey, go on, video that… Go on get in there.”


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While, another man added: “Let’s f**king have it

“Irons, Irons.”

The video has more than 736,000 views.

West Ham Football Club have condemned the shocking behaviour.

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A club spokesman said: “The Club is disgusted by the contents of the video and acted swiftly to identify the offenders.

“In line with our zero-tolerance approach, details of the offenders were immediately passed on to the police and all individuals had their Season Tickets suspended and are therefore unable to enter London Stadium and travel with the Club for away fixtures.

“Pending our own club investigation, this could lead to the offenders being banned indefinitely. There is no place for this kind of behaviour.”

Met Police have been contacted for comment.

In 2021, The Sun Online revealed football thugs high on cocaine were fuelling a terrifying surge in violence at stadiums.

As a result, police chiefs called for tougher punishments for cocaine users at grounds — including more use of bans — to prevent a return to the hooliganism seen in the 1980s.

Britain’s top football cop, Chief Constable Mark Roberts, warned that more fans than ever were ­taking the drug at games, creating a “toxic mix” of violence.

He said: “As we see more violent incidents, cocaine is one of those factors along with alcohol that will make it worse, and make people more violent.”

One supporter also said cocaine at football was so rife that fans even snort it in their seats.

That same year, a FA report said cocaine was the catalyst for thousands of ticketless fans storming Wembley for the England-Italy Euro final.

Fans were openly snorting the drug at the showpiece event, with one yob bragging how he put a lit flare in his bum during a 15-hour drug-fuelled bender.

Charlie Perry, 25, boasted how he had “banged a load of powder” during the big day and was then filmed firing off the flare in footage that went viral.

Just before the pandemic, cocaine binges were blamed for a 45 per cent increase in trouble at football grounds over the previous two years — including violence, pitch invasions and assaults on players.

One survey revealed that more than 30 per cent of fans had witnessed cocaine being taken inside a stadium — with six per cent admitting to personal use.

However, drug possession or use was reported at only 103 of 2,663 regulated matches in England and Wales over the entire 2019-20 season, with the vast majority — 81 per cent — involving cocaine.

Despite clubs promising tougher measures on stopping drugs being brought into grounds, one fan claimed cocaine usage was rife before and during games.

The supporter, who does not want to be named, said: “You see huge queues in the toilets, you see them doing bumps off keys in the stands, or just off their hands.

“It’s everywhere.

“I’ve never known it like this before, and it just feels like it’s getting worse and worse.”

Another Premier League club said they use dogs outside away turnstiles for every game and on occasions outside home turnstiles.

Bosses at Tottenham Hotspur described the drug issue as a “societal problem” and that it took a zero-tolerance approach to drugs in the stadium.

The club, where a fan was photographed appearing to snort a line of cocaine on the pitch in 2017, also said it works closely with the Metropolitan Police on drug-related issues, and anyone found with illegal substances are banned.

Meanwhile, bosses at Brighton and Hove Albion said it was “increasingly concerned” about the use of cocaine at matches.

The club added: “We will continue to take all necessary and possible steps to prevent any illegal substance coming into our stadium, and we will continue to impose very severe sanctions on anyone found to be carrying or using any illegal substance in or around our stadium.”

The Premier League said it also condemned the use of drugs at stadiums and its clubs are working alongside police to tackle the problem.

A spokesman said: “Possession or use of cocaine is a criminal offence and can result in a football banning order.

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“Ground regulations clearly state that drugs are prohibited and measures such as detection dogs are used frequently to combat it.

“Our clubs continue to work closely with police on this issue.”

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