Spring training out of Florida? A new case of fact-free woke bullying

Spring training out of Florida? A new case of fact-free woke bullying


Here we go again: A Washington Post columnist wants Major League Baseball to yank spring training out of Florida to slap Gov. Ron DeSantis. 

“Baseball can no longer ignore Ron DeSantis’s culture wars,” argues Kevin Blackistone, so the “15 franchises that started spring training last month in Florida should consider making the annual exercise an all-[Arizona] affair” and so pull hundreds of millions of dollars from Florida’s economy.

He claims DeSantis’ drive against extremist gender and race ideology is “an attack on diversity.”

Really? Pulling graphic depictions of anal sex from elementary-school libraries is an outrage?

Nixing a high-school African-American studies curriculum that the College Board itself recognized was needlessly radical is an “attack”?

This is the same far-left hysteria that got MLB to pull the 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta over Georgia’s new voting law — moving it to Colorado, where the law is more restrictive.

That idiocy cost the majority-black city some $70 million.

Woke gestures have nothing to do with making anyone’s life better, or even about correcting real injustices.

They’re just a fact-free game of moral posturing to your fellow fantasists.


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