The divorce from my cheating ex husband is taking years – I am going crazy

The divorce from my cheating ex husband is taking years – I am going crazy

DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER I filed for divorce from my cheating ex, I thought I could finally get on with my life.

But the divorce is taking years and I am going crazy.

I’m 34 and my soon-to-be ex-husband is 36.

We were only married for a year.

I discovered he had started cheating on me during our honeymoon!

I filed for divorce immediately, but he refused to sign the papers until he was forced to. That was two years ago.

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Since then, our divorce has got caught up in the Covid backlog, and my ex does everything he can to delay it – just to spite me.

My lawyer says to be patient but I don’t feel I can move on until it’s all over.

It’s stopping me sleeping.

It feels like I’m going to be stuck with this cheating man, who it turns out never loved me, forever.


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DEIDRE SAYS: You sound understandably frustrated and anxious.

Your ex can’t stop you divorcing him and it will go through in time.

In the meantime, try to think of it as a formality.

You’re no longer with him and can let yourself move on emotionally without it.

Get legal advice from Rights of Women (

Relationship counselling could help. Contact Tavistock Relationships (, 020 7380 1960).

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