Google Bard AI hands-on: A work in progress with plenty of caveats

Google Bard AI hands-on: A work in progress with plenty of caveats

Google has made Bard more widely available to users in the US and the UK today, and I have been spending some time with the company’s chatbot to see how its generative AI compares to ChatGPT and Bing AI. 

Like we saw in the screenshots Google provided with today’s announcement, the interface here is very similar to Bing AI in that there is a wide text input at the bottom of the screen and a dialogue-based layout. But there are a few key differences between Google’s and Microsoft’s offerings. 

With Bing AI, you’ll have to either hit Chat or scroll up from search results to get to the conversation page, whereas you don’t have to do that for the Bard website. Microsoft has a broom icon to the left of the input bar to clear the slate and start a new topic, while Google has a column on the left with options for “Reset chat,” “Bard Activity,” “FAQ and “Help & Support.” 

It’s also worth noting the language Google painstakingly uses here. Once I navigated to the website, I was greeted with an alert reminding me that “Bard is an experiment.” It asks users to remember two things: “Bard will not always get it right,” and that “Bard will get better with your feedback.”

Even after you click “Got it” and that reminder goes away, there’s a line of fine print below the input field that states “Bard may display inaccurate or offensive information that doesn’t represent Google’s views.” After the embarrassing blunders Bard has already made so far, it’s understandable (and mildly funny) to see all these disclaimers. 

This story is developing, please refresh for updates.

Cherlynn Low

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