I know I’m ‘God’s favorite’ as ‘crazy’ stuff happens to people who hurt me – he’s making them ‘pay for’ their mistakes

I know I’m ‘God’s favorite’ as ‘crazy’ stuff happens to people who hurt me – he’s making them ‘pay for’ their mistakes

A TEXAN woman has claimed karma plays a role in all of our lives, even if we don’t realize it.

But this TikTok star claims she has behaved herself and is, therefore, one of “God’s favorites.”

TikToker Jasmine Badd says she is 'God's favorite'
TikToker Jasmine Badd says she is ‘God’s favorite’Credit: TikTok/jasbadd
She says karma plays a role in all our lives
She says karma plays a role in all our livesCredit: TikTok/jasbadd

Jasmine Badd (@jasbadd) shared her views on the social media platform and there were a lot of followers who agreed with her.

She thinks bad things happen to people because of the mistakes they have made and God will make them “pay for” their poor life decisions.

In a post to her platform, she said, “God sees everything,” and there is no point in hiding.

She felt fortunate: “I don’t know, God just made me different,” she confided.

“I have a really good heart, I really have a genuine spirit, when it comes to friends when it comes to dating, and everything,” she said.

But she has learned that it is not necessarily like that for everyone, and she has suffered the consequences of some of their actions.

Houston-based Jasmine had some guidance for fans if they wanted to work out if they were also one of God’s favorites.

Just look around you and observe the experience of others: “If you literally want to know if you’re one of those favorites this is one way you’ll know,” she said.

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Jasmine revealed that crazy stuff had happened to people who have hurt her: “So when people start doing things behind my back, when I say life gets so hard or them, losing money, losing jobs like I’ve seen it happen.”

She couldn’t help but wonder why some people appeared to have such bad luck.

“You know what,” she pondered. “Why is everything so bad for them?

“And I really thought about it, like, every time, somebody doing something behind your back, they lying to you, they doing some sneaky conniving sh*t, God starts to make them pay for that sh*t.”

Payback time is often swift said Jasmine: “When God is involved, he’ll get them back right then and there.”

She’s witnessed it happen to a lot of people: “Y’all, I’ve seen it happen my entire life. Entrepreneurs get into it out of nowhere, business blow up.”

But she’s one of the lucky ones, no heavenly retribution here: “Like God literally does not play about me and that’s how you know you’re one of God’s favorites.”

There were many in the comments section of her post who was in full agreement with Jasmine’s karmic views.

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“Oh my, this is my story. Lawd. This so true,” confessed one follower.

The final comment had some wise words: “Every time. This is why I never seek revenge,” he said.

She shared her thoughts in a recent post
She shared her thoughts in a recent postCredit: TikTok/jasbadd


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